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   Chapter 235 The Moment

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Carlos asked in surprise.

"Celia, what do you want to know about me?"

Before Celia could open his mouth, Carlos added, "Do you want to know my height? Weight? Or... "

The atmosphere of ambiguity suddenly spread from his eyes. The tall figure turned deeply, and the smile at the corners of his thin lips deepened.

"About my sexual orientation..."

Celia's face suddenly turned red. This man looked so decent, but every time he spoke...

Exasperated, she turned to bed and pulled away the thin quilt to cover herself, leaving her back to that man.

Celia giggled in a low voice. She put on the quilt more tightly immediately.

Carlos simply pulled the quilt and held her into his arms. "It's all right. Celia, what do you want to know? I will tell you everything I know. "

Celia moved her body, which was tightly held by Carlos' arms, and turned around with difficulty in the quilt to face him.

Eyebrows knitted, she pouted and stared at him. "We have known each other for such a long time. I know very little about your past and any other things, including your family, friends as if I have never been in your circle of life."

She really wanted to talk about the photos that Ashley had taken in the past, but she couldn't speak it out as the words were on the tip of her tongue.

Hearing her question, Carlos thought for a moment and replied in a low voice, "you are my family and friend, but you have never taken the initiative to learn about me. That's because you said you wanted to keep our marriage a secret from the public before we got married. "

Celia contradicted in a calm tone, which made Celia speechless.

It seemed that...

That was true.

Celia bit her lips. "Then..."



Celia could not continue the conversation. She stopped talking.

Seeing the excited look on her face, Carlos smiled and stroked her silky hair. "Celia wants to know me. Does she want to be part of my life? I'm happy. "

"Celia wants to meet my family. I'll take you to dinner some other day. As for the friends, I don't think you would want to meet them Idiots."

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

They are idiots. How can you make friends with them?

"Get ready. We are going out."

Not long after, Celia suddenly heard the man's voice coming from outside.

He went out just now.

'It's so late. Why is he going out?'?


n she heard these words.

After she finished singing, it was the man's turn.

Carlos stood up and made his way to her. He opened his mouth and sang softly.

Do you believe it? Is this a life? This time, we give up resisting, even if you will leave a deep wound on your body with your arms.

This was the first time for Celia to hear Carlos sing a song.

His voice was low and mellow, sounding lazy. It echoed in his mind like a cello, echoing for a long time.

Plus, his eyes were as deep as the sea. He was staring at her without a moment, which made the atmosphere suddenly soar to the extreme.

People around Celia kept on kicking up a fuss. Celia's face turned red.

Suddenly someone pushed her from behind and she moved forward. Carlos quickly caught her and held her in his arms.

The guests, including Terence, became even more excited. Some of them even danced around them.

"Carlos, Aunt Celia, I propose a toast to you!"

Said Terence as he handed two glasses of wine to Carlos and Celia.

Carlos didn't let go of Celia. He just signaled at Terence with his eyes.

"Change the juice."

"What? Okay, okay, I'll go now. "

Terence went to change a bottle of juice.

Cross cupped wine, cross cupped wine... "

The others began to encourage her again.

Celia's face was burning.

Even though she was still shy, she still helped Carlos to walk past his arm.

They drank the juice with the gesture of "cross cupped wine". When she was about to return the glass to Terence, her waist was suddenly held around violently.

But her lips were also captured.

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