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   Chapter 234 Husband Is Feeding You

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Celia suddenly had a cough.

"Why does she cough like this? Come here and let me have a look. "

Carlos reached out and tried to touch the little woman's white and tender face over there.

Before he could touch her, she had stood up.

"I don't want to eat now."

"Don't you feel like eating nothing?"

He held her in his arms. Carlos caressed her hair and said, "Celia hasn't brought any food that she likes to eat yet. How can she refuse to eat?"

Celia squinted at him. She finally felt better after the long day of indifference.

"I don't feel like eating right now. I can eat whatever I want!"

Her eyes turned red somehow.

She insisted on leaving, but the hands around her waist were so strong that she couldn't push it away. Instead, she was a little embarrassed in front of so many maids.

When they were in such a stalemate, Grace brought gruel.

Her sir held her waist and talked to her. When she saw that her ladyship was standing there with an unhappy face, she was stunned.

It was like a father who was quarreling with his daughter.

But their intimacy did not feel anything wrong. On the contrary, they felt that they were a perfect match, and it seemed that they were supposed to be like this.

Evan saw the corned corn soup on the table. Grace wanted to give a bowl of soup to Celia as usual. However, as soon as she picked up the white china bowl, Carlos said, "Put it on the table. Let me have it."

Grace handed the white china bowl to Carlos.

Carlos held Celia in his arms and gave her a bowl of sweet soup.

But, she didn't mean to drink it.

The man holding her waist asked, "Celia hasn't eaten well these days. She must eat more tonight."

Celia bit her lips and remained silent.

The maids at present felt that this mistress was too disgraced for Carlos.

But their master did something beyond everyone's expectation.

The arm that was holding Celia's thin waist was tightened. She did not expect that the man in front of her would hold her and sit on his lap.

He knew she had pissed him off, but she had to eat

t Carlos?"

Celia shook her head blankly.

Indeed, she realized a serious problem.

Since they met, he had known her in all aspects. Except for his identity, she knew very little about him except for Ashley and Sven.

"Carlos is not a child of Gu Clan! His parents died when he was young. He was an orphan. Later he was adopted by the Gu Clan. "

Zoe looked at her and continued.

"Parents died?"

Celia exclaimed.

She thought she was pathetic enough, but to her surprise, Carlos was more pathetic.

No wonder he had never mentioned his family.

A sudden pain shot through her heart. She had never really understood the seemingly indestructible man.

"Don't you know?"

Asked Zoe, surprised.

Celia Ling shook her head. "I have never asked him about that."

"Carlos is very introverted. He is a man of few words. Celia, you live with him, so you should communicate more with him, get to know him more and read his mind. In this way, you two will feel easier to get along with each other."

It would be very tired to guess what they would do next.

Celia said to Celia.

When Carlos asked her, the picture of Zoe flashed through her mind.

She slowly raised her head and looked at the charming face of a human being under the light. It was a little vague.

When she looked into his deep eyes, she breathed deeply.

"Carlos, I find that I don't know you at all!"

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