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   Chapter 226 Her Husband And Another Woman

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A few days later, Carlos and Celia were discharged from the hospital.

Celia had heard about the death of Ashley from Boris. She just felt pity for the Sven.

She had thought that Carlos would let Sven stay with them. When she didn't want to go back home, there was no sign of Sven except that only Grace was left in the house.

It seemed that Boris, Carlos and Grace were all keeping a secret about Sven.

She didn't want to say anything and she was smart enough not to ask again.

'Carlos must have suffered a lot in his heart!'!

Everything was the same as usual. When Carlos went to work, Celia stayed at home and cultivated. Everything seemed to return to the starting point, but there was something different.

"Madam, are you awake? Mr. Carlos told me that you should drink milk now. "

Grace knocked on the door and asked. Celia was reading a book in bed, but she fell asleep very soon. She rubbed her eyes when she heard Graces voice.

As for Eugene, who had been lying on the floor all this time, stood up and carried her soft cotton to the bed.

Celia Ling looked at the dog that was passionately waving its tail at her. She was kind of helpless.

Although still not so much into it, she still gently touched its head.

Eugene came to rub against Carlos' legs, as if she had known that they were injured, and would never do that again.

"Come in."

Celia shouted to the door.

Grace pushed the door open and walked in.

The scene of raising her head made Auntie Grace unable to look away.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, the woman's hair was a little messy, showing a lazy charm. There was a light smile on her quiet face, especially when she bent down and talked with Eugene, which was quiet and warm.

'Carlos used to spoil it. It's quite abnormal for it to be obedient in front of our ladyship.'

Besides, the ladyship, at first, was really not outstanding, but after so many, her bright smile was really attractive, and was not comparable to the so-called beauties from the socialite divas.

Grace was always careful and saw through everything.

Celia Ling took the milk glass from grace's hands.

"Thank you."

Since she

like that woman.

Then the woman on these pictures must be...

After several minutes of stalemate, Celia's head turned a little painful and she finally decided not to think about it.

Simply put these fragments and pictures back to the envelope.

To be honest, she really had an impulse to burn these pictures just now.

But at the same time, she felt it was ridiculous.

If these pictures were taken in the past, they should have been there before she was still with Carlos.

She had nothing to do with the past.


She felt so annoyed that she picked up the book again.

However, as she turned over the book, all she could think of were the bright kisses and the affectionate smile of the man.

She put down the book irritably. When she looked up, she saw herself in the mirror. She felt her heart ached when she saw those hickeys under her neck and collarbone.

The whole afternoon, Celia was sitting on the bed, motionless for a long time.

It was not until she finished reading a boring academic book that it was late, dim outside the window and dusk unexpectedly.

She pressed her aching brow and was about to stand up. However, after sitting for a long time, she suddenly felt dizzy.

Luckily, she just sat on the bed so that they didn't fall down.

Her phone buzzed. It was a message from a strange number.

Have you seen those photos? Don't think he's only nice to you. He's always nice to everyone.

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