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   Chapter 224 Doesn't Hurt When Holding You

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Updated: 2020-03-26 00:25

In the quiet room.


The male voice seemed to come from the sky.

Celia stood rooted to the spot and looked around blankly. Where am I now?

They were playing on a swing in the yard.

It seemed that she had been here before.

Suddenly, a female voice sounded.

"Carlos, I hate you!"


Celia was shocked. She turned around and saw Carlos' face.

He looked painful, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised as if he were smiling at her.


She saw him bleeding, a lot of blood.

"No --"

With a scream, she opened her eyes and saw a familiar and strange face.

"Sally... Celia, you finally wake up! That's great! "


She got stunned and then adapted to the orange light. It was not until now that Celia clearly saw the woman in front of her.

Although she looked very anxious, she kept the proper manner of a big family.

She was Carlos' aunt.

Seeing the person coming, Celia Ling's nose twitched.


She said in a hoarse and nasal voice, trying to get up from the bed with her injured leg.

"Celia, don't move!"

When she saw that Celia was going to move, Zoe immediately stopped her.

"Thank God! I hope you are all right. Otherwise, Carlos..."

Tears were running down her cheeks.

"By the way, where is Carlos? Where is he? How is he? "

Celia held her hands tightly as she was recalling the past. Her face was full of anxiety.

"Don't be so emotional. Everything is fine. You are seriously injured. You just woke up. Don't think about anything else. You should have a good rest. Huh? "

Zoe gently patted Celia's hand to comfort her.

"I saw he was bleeding heavily. Auntie, I saw him..."

All of a sudden, Celia caught a glimpse of Boris, who was standing at the door of the ward.

"Boris, where is your Boss? Take me to see him. He was stabbed by a dagger. He... He... Ouch, it hurts... "

Celia touched her head which was splitting because of headache. She felt a severe headache as long as she tried to think hard.

"Celia, be good. Take a good rest. Carlos is fine."

"Yes." He hummed softly, looked up and bit her ears, "baby, I will protect you forever! Regardless of life or death! "

This was what they had promised!

"Don't say you are dead!" She covered his mouth with her hand.

Carlos smiled and gently bit her hand. What should he do? Even if she was badly injured, he still...

'Has he not got rid of the drug yet?'?

He put his hand around her head and whispered in her ear, "Honey, you haven't answered my question yet! Do you like it? I miss you now... "

Celia froze for a few seconds before she could understand what the man meant. She blushed.

"Carlos, you..."

She didn't forget what she had experienced before she was in a coma.

Before she could finish her words, the man turned her head and faced with her. He kissed her gently on the lips.

Celia tried to break away from his hands. She held her arms against the sides of his body, which would press on his wounds.

She didn't refuse his kiss. She also wanted to love him well after those dangerous moments, but...

She suddenly turned her head and broke free from his lips. She sucked in the air that had been gone for a long time. The wet air hit the man's face, and a small hand held his hand tightly.

"Stop! You had the surgery! " Now that she had decided to be with him, she wouldn't pretend anymore. But he had just had a surgery, how could she do that....

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