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   Chapter 223 Yes, I Do

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 7874

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The little girl said in a low voice, pointing at the man not far away from her.

Silence fell. Amanda looked down at the man, lowered her head and bit her lips.

'What is going on?' she wondered

He took her to see a movie, bought her a cake, and now he sent these flowers

Was it because he wanted her to be happy when he saw her in a bad mood IN the Su Clan?

Just as she wondered, a light from the distance gradually fainted her, accompanied by the music of a life partner.

She didn't know when the man in front of her had changed into a white suit.

Several girls also appeared and besieged her with curtains in their hands. And another girl, who was holding the evening dress, was also besieged.

The stunning dress made Amanda a little nervous and excited.

Although she had figured out what it was, she still felt shocked and scared at what that man had done for her.

When she finally was in the same wedding dress as him, his handsome face slowly walked towards her in the bright light.

His thin lips slightly raised and looked at her. His dark eyes gleamed with fragmented light, just like the prince from a dream.

Suddenly, Amanda thought of the man who held her hand and stepped on the red carpet with her three years ago when they got married.

At that time, he wore a white suit, but the way he looked at her at that time was only indifference and ridicule, and she was the same.

As time went by, he seemed to have magic and a pair of crystal shoes on his hands were shining with bright light, and the diamonds on them were shining in the light. It was even more dazzling than the stars.


She wanted to say something, but she found that her throat seemed to be blocked by something, so she could only make a hard sound.

The man slowly crouched down, put the crystal shoes on his knees, looked at her with a smile, gently picked up her feet, and took off the shoes on her feet one by one, and carefully put on the crystal shoes for her.

It was not until now that Dylan reached out his hand to Amanda, who was still in shock.

Swallowing her saliva, Amanda put her hand on the man's, and let him lead her forward.

She could feel the warmth from his hand. All the lights in the restaurant were blown off like shining gems.

She followed him. When she got closer, she saw they were actuall

will always be together, slowly growing old!"


"There is no if!"

"There is no if! I didn't know when I had feelings for you, Amanda. You have my surname, both your body and your heart belong to me! I will love you more than anyone else in the world. No matter what happens to you, I will always be by your side! No matter how many years have passed and how many silver hairs you have gained, you are always my treasure in my heart. You are my wife and the mother of my future child... "


Amanda was too sobbing to say anything more.

Long long ago, when her heart was full of other men, she had dreamed that one day they would marry, support each other, and live a simple life.

But when everything turned into bubbles, she felt that her heart would die from then on. She even could not breathe.

While for the words of the man in front of her, though she knew that it would not be that easy all her life.

But now she wanted to think naively that maybe she got another chance.

The lights that were circulating in the night sky gradually dazzled her. Wasn't this the life she had in her ideal life?

She had married once, slept with a man, and had a baby with him

Life may encounter such contradictions and knotty problems, but no matter what happens, they are always together, until old and never separated.

She seemed to have finally made a decision. She gently bent, lifted up the man on the ground, and looked up at him.

"I am willing to be your wife and the mother of our future child, and to go old with you..."

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