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   Chapter 220 th The Most Important Thing To Be With My Wife

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Amanda looked up at him, and then walked to the staff who was still standing there stupidly.

"Can you take us to a place where we can rest and have a check?"

The girl was numb for a long time. She suddenly responded and kept nodding.

"Okay. We have a VIP lounge over there. You come with me. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. We have some ointment here, and so should the scald medicine. You wait for me inside, and I'll get it for you. "

"Okay, thank you."

After that, Amanda walked back to Dylan and helped him to walk forward.

Seeing her like this, the man couldn't help joking.

"My back was just scalded and my feet were fine. You support me like you support the old man at home. "

"I have to support you like this."

Dylan looked down at her delicate face. Although his back was burning, the smile in his eyes grew stronger, and he said in a low and dumb voice.

"Okay, it's all up to you."

Looking at the large area of moisture on his back, Amanda was still a little worried.

"It doesn't really hurt? And are your pants wet? "

The man raised his eyebrows and said, "it seems to be wet too. Can I take it off for you to see later?"

Hearing his words, she blushed. Amanda was so angry that she slapped him hard on the arm.


"Ouch, honey, it hurts."

"I'm sorry How are you doing? "

Amanda was worried, but when she saw the smile on the man's lips, she suddenly realized that he was teasing her.

Looking at his elegant and somewhat ruffian appearance, she gave a grumble.

"Dylan, be serious."

"Be serious. Will you love me?"


She was suddenly choked by his words, and for a moment all the words were stuck in her throat, unable to say a word.

She bit her lips and turned her head to the side. She said nothing but supported him to continue walking.

The girl in front of them also heard their conversation, and it was very clear.

From the moment they stepped in, she had noticed the two of them. Although they seemed to be deliberately low-key, she still recognized who they wer

irt. She didn't feel relieved until she felt that the clothes didn't stick to his skin.

Dylan's shirt was lifted up, revealing most of his back. As expected, the whole back was burned red and swollen.

"What's wrong?"

After a long time of silence, Dylan couldn't help asking. But not long after, he heard a slight sob.

"No, nothing..."

"Woman, won't you cry?"

"You just cried."

Amanda retorted stubbornly, then pressed her lips tightly and gently applied the ointment on his back.


Maybe it was because the lounge was so quiet that the man's low sound was enough to float into her ears.

"Does it hurt? I'm sorry. I'll be careful. "

"No, my wife's hands are very comfortable."

Dylan kept his head down and his tone was still calm, but the woman behind him didn't know that his forehead was covered with thin sweat.

"Although there are no blisters, you'd better go to the hospital later!"

After all, she was still worried.

"No, the movie will begin soon."

"Dylan! Is the movie important or your health important? "

She was really going to lose to this stubborn man.

"Of course it's the most important thing to be with my wife!"

The movie was nothing, but what about the show after the movie?

He had been preparing for the whole day. If he went to the hospital now, everything he did would be meaningless.

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