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   Chapter 219 th Three Lives And Three Lives

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She was not sure if he would agree in this case, but at least she had to try.

As for the Su Clan, she also wanted to solve it by herself.

Looking at the woman with a red face but a little grievance, Dylan could not help but feel remorseful.

How could he always want her regardless of time and place, making her embarrassed.

But when he saw her coming out of the Su Clan and the grievance on her face, he wanted to kiss her and hug her.

Or underestimated her influence on him.

"Well, I won't force you, but are you sure about the Su Clan and you don't need my help?"

The man's voice was hoarse and deep, as if it was difficult to spill out of his mouth.

"Well, not to that extent."

Amanda was surprised at his compromise, and a light flashed in her almond eyes.

"Okay, I promise you."

The man's voice sounded again, and Amanda took a breath. Only then did she find that she had just held her breath for such a long time.

"Well... Should I also have a little benefit? "

The corner of Dylan's lips suddenly rose again, and he raised his hand to point at his cheek.

Amanda was stunned and then understood.

It was just a kiss.

She raised her head and leaned forward, her lips falling on his cheek.

After kissing, as expected, the man let her go.

"Are you ready?"

She looked at him quietly. If he hadn't raised his hand again, she would have thought that time was still.

One is not enough?

Amanda frowned and looked at his smiling face, pursing her lips.

"Well, then two, no more than three."

After saying that, her lips went up again and gently pecked his side face. At the moment of touching, she was panic, because she was too afraid that the man suddenly regretted.

After the two kisses, the man still didn't say anything. Just as she was about to kiss for the third time, she didn't want her action to be stopped by the man.

Blinking, she looked at him in confusion.

The man held her tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear.

"Woman, the benefits of two kisses are not enough to make up for me, right?"

Although he said so, only two kisses had almost calmed him down. He didn't dare to ask for a third one, so it was better to wait back and get it back together.

Of course she knew what he meant. Blushing, she quickly pushed him away, sat straight in front of her and looked out of the window.

The car started slowly, and only the man and the woman who were laughing in the car and whose face was tense because of shyness could be seen.

Amanda didn't know what was wrong with Dylan today. Otherwise, why d


"Ah ...sir, yes, I'm sorry. Did you get burned? I, I didn't mean to. "


Hearing the girl's words, Amanda immediately tightened her eyebrows and hurriedly turned around Dylan. He was only wearing a thin shirt. Sure enough, there was a large area of water on his back.

"Does it hurt? Let's go to the hospital... "

Amanda was also a little flustered and at a loss. According to the girl, it should be hot water in the glass, separated by a thin shirt. It's strange that it's not scalded.

"Nothing. Don't worry."

The man grabbed her small hand with his big hand.

"The water is not very hot. It's just red at most. If you are worried, why don't you take a look at it for me?"

Compared with the anxiety and worry on Amanda's face, the handsome face of the man was still smiling. The light in the cinema was a little dark, and the content under his eyes could not be seen clearly. Only the raised lips proved that he seemed really fine.

Besides, even though there were so many people here, he was going to pull his clothes.

Amanda frowned and said, "be careful. Be careful that your clothes stick to your skin. You are still in the mood to joke at this time."

She stopped him immediately.

Dylan had been staring at her all the time. How could he not see the change in her face? Knowing that she was really worried about herself, his thin lips slowly curved in a more pampering way.

"Woman, if you think it's not convenient here, we can go to a hidden place."

He looked down at her fine and dense eyelashes, low and gentle, with a man if there is no pain.

"Honey, please. I didn't feel anything just now, but now... It really hurts. Why don't we go to their lounge and show you? "

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