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   Chapter 214 Not Charming Enough

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Regardless of the expression of the guard beside her, Amanda pushed him away and walked straight inside.

"Hey, you ungrateful woman! Stop!"

The security guard shouted.

Amanda, who had taken a few steps forward, stopped in an instant, turned around, and coldly curled up her lips.

"Sir, I'm telling you, you have been fired!"

"What? How, how could you? "

The little security guard stood still with his eyes wide open as if he could swallow an egg.

"Bitch, how dare you run away? I'll teach you a lesson after I catch you!"

At this time, the man in the car also came over. He reached out and tightly grabbed Amanda's wrist to stop her from moving forward.

"Well, I heard from my father that the stepdaughter seemed to have found a boyfriend and was about to get married soon. If I'm not wrong, that man is you? Hey, is he your fiance? But it seems that you are not charming enough to tie up with this man's heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't fall in love with a woman who looks good. "

Amanda turned her eyes from the car to the man and glanced at his face.

"I'm sorry that I kicked your knee. But maybe next time, you can't even find it. If my husband knew about it! "

She was not alarmist.

"Honey? What the hell was going on? Why do you hold my... Sister's hand? What did she mean? "

Debbie got out of the car and strode towards them.

She lowered her head, clenching her fists, her face pale as death.

This "sister" not only shocked the man, but also the small security guard next to him.


"Please don't Please don't call me so intimately. My mother passed away three years ago. She couldn't have given birth to such a big sister for me. I can't bear you to call me like that. "

Amanda immediately cast the woman a look of dissuasion, and then took the man's hand on her wrist away. She snorted and didn't look at their faces anymore. She continued to walk on her high heels.

Facing Amanda's irony, Nancy was furious, but she still tried to talk to Amanda who had no intention of talking to her.

"Sister, wait for me."

The man and the young security guard finally under

ithdrew her hand from Jade's without being noticed.

"Where is my father?"

"Your father..."

The moment Jade Qin turned around, Marvin Su who was in the study came out.

"Marvin, our daughter is back! Hurry up!"

Although Marvin Su was in his middle age, he was not beer belly or bald at all. On the contrary, he looked handsome and had a good life. He looked more like a gentleman with good manners.

No wonder her mother chose to marry such a man when he was young, even though he had nothing. Her mother subconsciously felt that such a man could give a sense of security! Especially after betrayal.

However, in the past three years, her father had seldom called her except several phone calls, let alone caring about her.

He was her father!

It would be a lie if she said she didn't complain.

Amanda stared at him, as if she was questioning.

How could Marvin not understand?

Having cleared his throat, he clenched his fists and slowly walked towards them.

He dragged Jade aside and stared at Amanda with a serious look.

"Amanda, how could you talk to Auntie Qin in this way? Anyway, she is your elder. We were a family three years ago, and Nancy is now your sister. Our family is not easy to get together. It's okay that we don't love each other, but you... "

Whole family? Be deeply attached to each other?


Amanda could only feel the unspoken sarcasm in his words.

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