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   Chapter 213 You'll Become A Phoenix Because Of Wearing Fake

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 6575

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"Mr. Meng, I hope you can understand that you are just someone whom my mother entrusted to me. To be exact, we are strangers. You have no right to say anything about me. "

"As for the reason why I didn't bring my husband here today, it's just because he has something important to deal with today. He was supposed to go back to the Su Clan with me."

"It's true that we were not together out of love, but at least he's good to me now. Even if he's not good to me, and he doesn't give his heart to me, I know he won't abandon me easily. Besides, if anything happens to me, he will at least give me an decent funeral and write the words 'wife of Dylan' on my grave! If so, I can rest in peace. "

Amanda smiled. Her smile was like a poisonous sting that stabbed right into the man's heart, bringing him acute pain.

Slowly, he lowered his head and did not go forward to stop her leaving.

Then Amanda turned around and left.

Watching her running away in a hurry, the man didn't withdraw his sight until she completely disappeared from his sight. He turned around, staring at the smiling face on the tombstone for a long time.

All of a sudden, even though he was getting old, his memory would never go back to his twenties.

Strong sunlight was pouring down from above. With a exquisite handbag in her hand, Amanda squinted at a distant building.

It had been three years. Although the road remained familiar and the scenery remained the same, her mood was totally different from before.

She wiped the sweat on her forehead and walked more slowly.

She had never felt the way back home was so long and tiring.

Taking a deep breath, Amanda lifted her foot again. But she suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell down.

At the same time, a sports car was speeding towards them from behind.

With a whoosh, her hair was messed up by the wind of the sports car, blocking her sight.

The man in the car saw her curvy figure and enchanting bowed his h

e security guard was about to lose his temper to Amanda, a high pitched horn suddenly came from in front of the door, followed by a light pink convertible car.

"What are you doing, Lee? Open the door! Who is she? What happened? "

As Amanda was standing with her back to the door, no one in the car saw her. However, the man who was sitting next to her with a face of pain recognized the woman who had just hit him.

"You bitch! How dare you kick my knee! You're gonna kill me today!"

The man's sudden voice surprised Amanda. She turned around and looked up. The moment she lifted her head, she saw the pretty face of the woman in the sports car.

The woman in the car was shocked when she saw Amanda. Then she raised her hand and asked, "you, you..."

Lee ridiculed the woman as he thought she had been exposed.

"Look, that's our lady. How can you compete with her in your temperament?"

Lee was sharp eyed. When he saw the familiar logo on Amanda's skirt, he sneered, "It's not true, is it? 'Does she think that I can fly into the upper class and become a phoenix just by wearing a high copy?'? Why don't you buy a supercar? Do you have the same grace as our lady? It's a long way to go. "

"Really? Yes, you are right. I can't think of anyone else to do that except the one in the car. "

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