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   Chapter 212 The Mysterious White Rose

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H Mountain.

After getting off the car, Amanda walked in an empty cemetery. The air in the suburbs was fresh. The breeze blew her long hair.

She soon found her mother's tombstone among the rows of tombs. It was not striking at all, just as her mother was not flamboyant when she was alive.

Standing in front of the gravestone, Amanda saw the large bunch of white roses that hadn't been wiped off with water drops on them, which made the original ordinary gravestone stand out.

She frowned slightly, wondering who had come to mourn her mother?

Of course, he wouldn't be her father!

Was he mother's friend before her death?

However... Who will send white roses?

Despite the confusion in her heart, she squatted down in front of the tombstone and carefully placed the large bouquet of white roses. Then she took out a small bouquet of dry flowers and placed it next to the white roses.

Kneeling on one knee, she raised her hand and gently stroked the face in the photo on the tombstone.

In the photo, she had a beautiful face. She was smiling with her chin resting on her hand, which was so pure as if she was not worried at all.

"I'm sorry, mom. It's been so long. I didn't come to see you until now."

Amanda murmured in a voice that she missed her day and night.

"Mom, I'm really sorry. I thought I was too weak to come to see you three years ago. But after three years, too much sorrow has passed, and now my best friend is still in a coma in hospital. I really feel that I have been wrong. No matter whether I become strong or not, I shouldn't escape. "

"I know that you have devoted all your life to Su consortium, so you can rest assured that I will protect it for you and protect it well!"

As she spoke, she gently laid her head on the cold gravestone and slowly closed her eyes.

She had been living in the Tang Clan for three years. If she hadn't known about the inconstancy of the world, she would have never come back to the Tang Clan even if Grandpa hadn't forced her to do so.

After a long time, just when Amanda was about to get up, she heard footsteps behind her suddenly.

It was a man who was neither slow nor steady.

Suddenly, Amanda's heart twisted and she thought of the white rose in front of the tombstone.

Although she knew what had happened, she didn't turn around.


ve a car accident and almost die! "

Amanda raised her head and looked into the man's eyes. Her eyes were so aggressive that they were like sharp knives that wanted to cut the man into two pieces.

If it had not been for her mother's death, she had never seen the confrontation between her father and this man, and heard their talk. She would never have thought that this elegant and refined man had once treated her mother in that way.

"He married your mother on purpose!"

"I said that only because of your appearance!"

Upon hearing this, Amanda was infuriated. She struggled to shake off the man's hand, and then she retreated, taking only a few steps away from him.

"Can you swear that daddy and mommy bear grudges against each other all because of you? Can you swear that it's not because of you that dad has turned from love to hatred, and became like that? "

"I'm kind enough to call you Mr. Meng. Please don't talk nonsense. What's more, aren't you afraid that your wife will know about all this? You love your wife so much that you even didn't take a look at my mother when you ran away to chase her... "

Said Amanda, her eyes full of contempt.

"I will get my mother's will, but not now."

Amanda didn't like this man to find fault with her, and he had no right to care about her.

Who the hell is he? It was just a man who hurt and abandoned his mother.

Of course, Amanda also didn't understand that her mother didn't have any will when she committed suicide?

Why would there be a will later?

And it was in his hand.

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