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   Chapter 211 His Tenderness Only Belonged To Her

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In the quiet room, the girl seemed to be having a nightmare, tightly clutching the quilt with her beautiful little face wrinkled.

Seeing that she seemed to fall into a nightmare, Carlos held the sheet tightly in his hand.

The wrinkles on her brows seemed to be relieved.

"... Carlos... "

Celia murmured in a low voice. Hearing her call, Carlos came closer to her and looked at her with his dark eyes.

"Celia, my good girl. You need a good rest now. Don't think about anything. I'll be here with you. I'll always be with you."

He caressed her face with his warm finger and bent over to kiss her slightly trembling eyelashes. The scorching breath sprayed on her face. It seemed that he wanted to use his temperature to warm up her pale face and make her red.

Carlos kissed Celia's eyes and nose softly. He was enjoying her smell. Although he didn't know whether Celia heard his words or not, he was also happy to see that she had a sound sleep and felt much better.

"Sleep tight, dear. I love you. I know you can hear me and remember that I must be with you in your dream."

He helped her cover the quilt again and said softly.

Outside the door, Boris, Amanda and Dylan had been waiting for a while.

"It never occurs to me that this cold and indifferent man could be so gentle sometimes."

Looking at the man's face radiated love and affection, Amanda couldn't help but give a sincere sigh.

This time, she had a strong feeling that the man in front of her really loved Celia.

Celia didn't love the wrong guy!

"Mr. Tang, please go inside and persuade her master! His injury hasn't healed yet, so he needs to have a rest quietly. "

Looking at his Boss, Boris always felt uneasy.

Dylan gave him an indifferent glance.

"The woman he love hasn't woken up yet. Do you think your Boss has the mood to rest in bed?"


Boris was speechless.

He knew how the Boss felt. Carlos had been in a coma since Celia was sent here. The Boss was so worried about her.

But this time, his Boss was also hurt, both physically and mentally.

He would have been in great danger if he hadn't been sent to Professor Su in time.

Even so, when he woke up, he still asked to come back. He just wanted to be with her ladyship.

"Ahem, ahem..."

Inside the ward, the faint sound of cough came through the window. Seeing through the window that the man in the ward was suffering from pain as his wound was caused by the cough,

y, Dylan did not object.

"Okay. I'll call you when I'm free."

"Okay, put me down!"

She pointed to a small park in front of them.

"How about I call Ada and ask her to pick you up?" Dylan was still a little worried.

"No, thanks. I haven't been here alone for a long time."

Seeing her so stubborn, Dylan no longer tried to force her.

The car stopped at the gate of the park. When Amanda unfastened the seat belt and was about to open the door, she sensed the man's breath.

His thin lips pressed on hers, but he didn't take further action.

Amanda was stunned at his words. Before she could say anything, the man's lips left hers again.

"Call me if you need anything, okay?"


Lowering her head, Amanda pushed the door open. She didn't dare to look at his eyes.

She got off the car. Seeing that the man had no intention to drive the car away, she raised her eyes slightly and looked at him.

"Take care."

A smile flashed through the man's dark eyes, and his thin lips curved with satisfaction.

"Okay, I'll go now."

The car sped off, bringing up a gust of wind which blew up Amanda's dress who was standing beside it.

She watched the car drive farther and farther away from her until it turned a corner and was sure that the man in the car could not see her. Then she raised her hand, quickly took a cab and got in.

"H Mountain, please."

The scenery outside the window continued to retreat. She hadn't gone to see her mother for three years. Since she would return to the Su Clan today, it was just a good chance to see her first, because she really had a lot to talk to her mother.

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