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   Chapter 207 Lost

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Ashley looked at the man in the video, tears welling up in her eyes.

This was not what she wanted!

She had told Jeffery that she would use Celia to force Carlos to drink the poisonous wine, and then she would take Carlos away. However, she had never thought that the freak Jeffery would actually let Celia kill Carlos!


Carlos was on the verge of losing his mind when he saw Celia. However, the sharp blade from Celia made him look more confused.

He called her name and looked at Celia who had hollow eyes. As he pulled the dagger out of his body, blood splashed onto her eyes.

When she was about to give the second stab, Carlos directly held her in his arms.

He rubbed her long hair with his bloody hand, with satisfaction on his handsome face.

"I finally found you. You are fine. You are too... Too..."

The dagger was stabbed into his back again. He was so painful that he stopped talking.

Celia murmured to herself.

"Carlos, I hate you! I hate you!"


In the end, the man finally fell down, and his white shirt was dyed red.

While the woman's hands were constantly trembling.

It never occurred to Jeffery that things would go on so smoothly. Jeffery took up the headset from the monitor.

"What an excellent show! Now you tell me, are you happy? "

Celia Ling said, "I, I'm happy..."

Said Jeffery with a smile. "As you please."

"Why? Why a substitute? Why... "

Celia stood in the thatched hut, as if she was still in a trance, and a trace of sobriety.

There was a man's deep roar in the air, and the smell of blood had pervaded the room.

"Celia, what are you doing? Don't go. "

Seeing how Celia walked out of the room like an idiot, Carlos couldn't help but shiver.

It was dark outside. It was not safe for her to go out like this.

At the same time, Jeffery who was watching the video also saw this scene. He clenched his fist, raised his gun and pointed it at Ashley.

"I didn't plan to send you to the hell so soon." Bang! Bang! Bang...

Ashley's eyes were wide open

live a stable life with her child.

But when Zed took her away, she couldn't control herself any more and insisted that she was just a stand in for him.

The pain, not only the injured feet, but also the heart.

She could not deny that she still loved that man.

And at this moment, what she thought most was, even if it was just a stand in, even if he didn't love her, what she wanted to do most was to see him.

As Celia had lost all hope, she heard some sound.

Through the rain, she tried to open her eyes and shouted again.

"Is there someone Help... "

She didn't hear the rain clearly, but when she listened carefully, she could tell that it was footsteps.

It sounded like the Buddhist method that traveled through the mortal world in the West.

"There are people here in the trap..." Celia screamed again.

The sudden flash of the flashlight broke Celia's eyes. She covered her eyes with her hands subconsciously and shouted.

"I'm caught by a beast. Can I Turn off the flashlight. It's dazzling. "

Was it really him?

Or did he find her missing and send people to look for her?

However, as soon as she had finished, she heard a man's voice coming from above the trap.

"Bro, it's a woman! Why did this woman come out of nowhere and fall into a trap? "


Celia felt a little disappointed to hear that. It was not him.

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