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   Chapter 202 Leave Here

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Carlos usually got up early and jogged.

Celia was hospitalized these days, so he didn't go jogging. However, he habitually woke up early as usual.

The little woman in his arms, as always, slept like a log. If she had not been injured, her sleeping posture would have been inappropriate. But now, she was lying in his arms without any rules.

Her thick and curly eyelashes were like fluttering butterflies, casting half a shadow on her eyelids.

Her pink lips opened slightly in sleep, pouting into an attractive arc, and she breathed evenly.

Unconsciously, his eyes were attracted by the shiny pink color. He bent a little and slowly approached her face...

Just as the two faces touched each other and the lips were about to touch, Celia's eyelashes suddenly quivered and slowly opened her eyes.

Carlos narrowed his eyes and kissed her right away.

It was soft and sweet. He missed the familiar feeling for several days. His heart was filled with more. He wanted more.

The girl opened her eyes in a daze.

The man in front of her was looking at her affectionately, his eyes as deep as a deep and cold lake.

Celia was dazed for a moment and then woke up suddenly. By instinct, she wanted to push him away with her hands.

"Don't move. Be careful of your hands." a low and deep voice came to her ears

Celia was stunned. Then she felt that Carlos' kiss was more fierce.


She used her hand to push him away, but she couldn't make it.

She was about to turn her head to look at him, but Carlos held her cheek tightly.

After struggling for a long time, she glared at him with her beautiful eyes and tightened her teeth, biting on the thin lips that Carlos kept invading.


Carlos gasped in pain and finally let go of her.

He frowned and licked his lips. After a sudden pain, a faint smell of blood gradually spread in his mouth.

"Why do you always like to bite me?"

Carlos said in a doting tone.

Celia stared at him. When she was about to say something, the door of the ward was pushed open from the outside.

It was Dr. Chen who made the rounds of the wards.

Looking at the intimate behavior of the two people on the bed and the obvious wound on Carlos' lips, Dr. Chen was suddenly stunned, and an awkward expression came over his face.

Celia was even more embarrassed. Her face turned red as she pushed away Carlos all of a sudden.

"Miss Ling, how are you feeling today?"

Dr. Chen restrained his embarrassment and asked softly.


didn't mind. He grabbed his bag and walked out.

Thinking of something, she lost her interest in the breakfast.

Since it was still burning, she put it aside. Celia went to the next ward with a wheelchair.

'the nursing worker is not here. He must have gone for breakfast, ' she thought.

At the head of the bed, Zed was eating the breakfast Carlos had bought for him.

Seeing Celia come in, Zed smiled brightly at her. "Dear Celia, why do you get up so early? Do you miss me too much? "

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

Why are these two so narcissistic?

"Zed, how is everything going with your departure?"

The wound on his back was still aching, but he had no appetite. Putting the bowls and chopsticks on the night table, he looked at her playfully.

"What? Are you so eager to elope with me? "

"I'm serious!"

"In fact, I have told you that if you want to leave, you can get out of the hospital after going through the discharge procedure."

Celia was surprised. "So fast?"

Zed nodded, "yes."

In fact, when he heard that she was willing to go with him, he immediately arranged for her.

Celia lowered her eyes and frowned, as if she was thinking about something seriously.

A moment later, she raised her eyes suddenly. With so much hesitation, she looked at him with a firm light shining in her eyes, "then let's go now!"

Zed was surprised, "don't you plan to say goodbye to that barbaric woman?"

As a matter of fact, the last person Celia would like to leave was Amanda.

However, she didn't know when such a good opportunity would come.

She didn't want Zed's treatment to be delayed because of her again.

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