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   Chapter 198 What Are You Doing!

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Celia was having lunch. She couldn't help turning her head to watch TV when she heard the news.

"After knowing that the police has already obtained evidence, the murderer attempted to hold a female police away, but was finally subdued and injured wrongly, causing too much blood loss. He is still in a coma after emergency treatment."

"Are you talking about Ashley mu?"

After hearing the news, Amanda suddenly jumped up from the sofa.

Dylan reached out his hands to grab her, but Amanda just ignored him. She happily ran to Celia and said, "Dear, look! That's what the bitch call! This little girl, let's see if she can take it. "

Celia Ling put down her chopsticks and sat up straight. She looked as calm as usual comparing to the excitement Amanda just had.

She had already guessed that what happened that day was not an accident.

Obviously, the car had been waiting there for a long time, waiting for the chance to kill her.

Perhaps the driver didn't expect that zed would protect her like that?

It was nobody's fault but Ashley own.

However, it didn't matter even if Ashley had killed herself?

Zed still didn't wake up. He was still lingering on the edge of life and death.

It was not worth celebrating at all.

Seeing the strained expression on Celia's face, Amanda could not help but put on a smile.

Carlos was also looking at Celia. Seeing the coldness and indifference on her face, he lowered his head to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Sitting beside him, Dylan raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder silently.

No matter how well the aftermath was, it couldn't change the tragedy that had happened.

Amanda had stayed in the hospital to accompany Celia for more than an hour. Fortunately, she was dragged away by Dylan.

Coincidentally, Celia was also a little tired. She lay down straight and soon fell asleep.

Sitting on the sofa alone, Carlos was ignored by Celia, as if he had never been there.

In the afternoon, Celia was woken up by a nurse.

"What's up?" Celia rubbed her eyes and asked sleepily, "an injection?"

"No, I'm not. Miss Ling, didn't you tell me that if the gentleman that came with you had woken up, I would have told you? "

The nurse's words stunned Celia for a long time before she came to her senses.

"You mean zed has woken up?"

The nurse nodded and replied, "he just woke up. The doctor also checked for him. He just passed the crisis."

Celia Ling was so surprised that she didn't know what to do.

"Then Where is he now? "

"His room is next to yours."

"Could you please push me there?"

The nurse nodded and pushed the wheelchair over. She carefully helped Celia sit in the wheelchair and took her to the next ward.


When the nurse pushed Celia to the door of the ward, she suddenly spoke.

"Miss Ling, what's wrong?"

"He... How is he? "

Hearing her words, the nurse stunned for a while. Her face was a little unnatural.

Celia's heart sank all of a sudden.

"His spine is damaged, and his legs are so weak that he still can't feel anything,"

The nurse tried to make the statement euphemistically.

He didn't feel anything?

That is... Paralyzed?

Celia could only feel that her heart

reach his face and wiped it lightly with the sponge towel.

Forehead, cheeks, cheeks, biting her lips.

Zed couldn't control his eyes. His eyes were totally attracted by her little face.

Maybe because her hand was a little shorter, she pursed her lips and frowned. Her expression seemed to be a little strenuous and she looked more serious as if she was doing something very important.

Her action was very gentle. She used a soft spongy towel to brush various parts of his face, like the softest feather brushing his heart.

After wiping her face, she cleaned up the sponge towel, and then unfolded and dried it again. When they saw zed, they were both stunned.

Celia was a little flustered.

This wipe on the face, next...

As her long and dense eyelashes quivered, she looked at the hospital gown on Zed. Celia Ling pressed her lips and said, "I'm going to take off your clothes!"

She had only asked this question in a normal way, but at this moment it was more attractive in the strange atmosphere.

"Take it off!"

Zed said in a low voice. His voice was a little hoarse and sounded very sexy.

Celia blinked. She reached out to button up his hospital dress.

She slowly undid the bandages one by one, revealing the white and dazzling bandages under her clothes. The bandages stung Celia's eyes, making her sore and painful.

In fact, he didn't have much injuries on his body, and most of them were wrapped with bandage.

She carefully helped him wipe his neck and shoulder. She went through the place where the bandage was bandaged to the waist.

Celia insisted on cleaning and didn't realize that something was wrong.

When Carlos pushed the door open, he saw such a scene.

Zed was lying on the hospital bed while Celia was sitting on the wheelchair. She tried her best to get close to the bed. Her hands

She couldn't believe that she was kidnapped by zed!


What are they doing!

Carlos froze at the door, blazing with anger. His temples throbbed. His handsome face was gloomy and terrible, and his chest was heaving because of anger.

"What are you doing?"

His roar was as loud as lion's.

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