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   Chapter 196 No!

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Seeing that Carlos had called the police, the young policewoman also hurried to bring a first-aid kit to help the first aid in how to stop Ashley bleeding.

Soon the ambulance arrived and broke the silence.

Two policemen were responsible for the case. Instead of the police, Carlos went back to the lounge.

The noise outside didn't seem to disturb Sven.

He curled up and slept.

Carlos walked up carefully and held him up, The gray light fell on Sven's pale little face, reflecting the mottled tear stains on it clearly.

Carlos' hands were slightly frozen. He looked at Sven, who was trembling, and sighed in his heart. He held him tightly in his arms.

Carlos sent Sven back to the manor first. After knowing that Sven was "kidnapped", Grace was waiting for Sven at home restlessly. She was so excited that her eyes became red.

Taking Sven from Carlos' arms, Grace caressed Sven's back gently and asked in a low voice, "where is Ashley?"

Carlos kept silent for a while and said, "Sven was frightened today. Grace, please spend more time with him tonight."

Carlos turned around and was about to leave.

But Grace suddenly called him, "sir!"

Carlos stopped and looked at her.

Pressing her lips together, Grace looked at the pale faced Sven in her arms and said, "The other day, Mrs. Ashley booked the air ticket to America. Sir, can you stay with our young master tonight? I don't know when we will meet again... "

"He can't leave tomorrow," Carlos said coolly

Then he strode away.

Holding Sven, Grace was confused and stood still.

After leaving the manor, Carlos drove directly to the hospital.

At 10 p.m., the hospital was so quiet.

The steady footsteps kept the noisy lights on outside the ward on.

He gently pushed the door of the ward, but he can't open it.

With a little more force, the door remained motionless.

Carlos was suddenly enlightened.

It was locked from inside.

Suddenly a surge of depression swept over him.

Carlos felt as if he had been expelled from her world by Celia.

Standing at the door for a while, he walked to the bench outside the ward and sat down.

He rubbed his eyebrows and took out his phone.

Opening the door, a young sleeping face suddenly appeared.

He still remembered the photo Celia had taken when he had sex with Celia in the bathroom.

His deep eyes fell on the face of the woman in the photo. Through the quiet little face, he seemed to see the usual joy, coquetry and shyness of her. The tense expression of the whole night was finally relaxed.

He sat alone in the quiet corridor and looked at the photo for a long time. Then he put his phone away, leaned against the back


Now he even had no right to persuade her.

Amanda nodded and walked to Celia, trying to persuade her to go back to the ward.

However, Celia just shook her head.

Amanda looked at Carlos in confusion. He put the thermos bottle on the bench in front of Celia and squatted down beside her. "Can you eat something first?"

However, Celia just shook her head and didn't even look away from Zed.

Carlos opened the thermos bottle and smelt the unique fragrance coming to his nose. The smell of it made Amanda's stomach growl, which made her very embarrassed.

After taking a look at her, Dylan walked towards her and asked, "are you hungry?"

Amanda nodded with embarrassment.

"Then I'll take you to eat something."

"But..." Amanda looked at Celia Ling and Carlos worriedly.

"Don't worry. Uncle Carlos will handle it."

Dylan held her hand and led her forward.

Carlos took a bowl of soup from the upper floor and put it in front of Celia. He knelt down and greeted her.

He scooped out a small spoon and put it beside his mouth and gently blew on it. When it got a little cold, he brought it to her mouth and coaxed like a child, "come on, have some."

However, Celia Ling remained motionless.

"This restaurant is famous for its cooking. Every soup is stewed slowly over several hours. It is not only nutritious but also tasty. Have a try?"

As Carlos spoke, he put the spoon with soup closer to Celia's pale lips.

"No way!"

All of a sudden, Celia, who had been quiet, seemed to have been ignited. She swung the spoon in Carlos' right hand and the bowl in his left hand.

The soup was still hot since it was just poured from the thermos bottle.

In this way, the thick soup sprinkled on the back of Carlos' hand, and immediately became hot and red.

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