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   Chapter 194 Guess What I Will Hear

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Carlos shook his head.

"Not yet."

Hearing this, Ashley was relieved.

Unexpectedly, Carlos continued.

"By the way, when the culprit tossed away the black car, his face was caught by the camera with new clothes nearby. The culprit doesn't know about it. A new factory has been moved there, so there are surveillance cameras installed there. Captain Li is now looking for him. "

Carlos's words almost made Ashley's pretending innocent and calm failed.

How could this be?

Her perfect plan was destroyed by that damn idiot?

No way!

"Carlos, I need to go to the bathroom."

She said with a tender smile.

He looked at her back with a smile on his face.

"Is anyone here?"

In the bathroom, Ashley didn't receive any reply from her soft voice.

After locking the door from inside, she took out a phone from her left pocket.

She clicked the screen and found there were only two numbers in the call log.

Then she dialed the second number.

The phone was soon connected after the second ring.

"I don't care where you are. Find a way to get out of here!"

Before the person on the other end of the line could say anything, Ashley spoke first in a cold voice, which was so different from that in front of Carlos.

"You also asked me what happened? I'll leave it to you! Now the police are going to arrest you, but you don't even realize it! "

"Impossible? I'm in the police station now. What I heard in person would not be false? "

"You are still thinking about money? I've told you that as long as you do it carefully, I'll give you enough money "

"But if you are caught by the police. Even if I give you money, do you still have the chance to live?"

"Did you leave that car behind?"

In the middle of Ashley's words, someone patted her on the shoulder.

She looked back subconsciously, but before she could see clearly who was calling,

r and shook off her arms.

With a loud bang, Ashley was thrown to the wall behind her by Carlos. Her head hit the wall, making a loud noise.

She cried out in pain and felt dizzy.

Carlos's face drew closer to her, but she couldn't see his face clearly.

The cold air enveloped her tightly, and she felt like she was in a hell.

The endless flame burned her body and soul endlessly!

Carlos looked at the two numbers in the call log. His deep eyes were cold and icy. The cold words like frost echoed in the ears of Ashley.

"What do you think I would hear if I call back now?"

Although the words were short, the last bit of strength in Ashley's body disappeared.

Her body slid down the wall weakly and sat on the ground in a mess, without noticing that the back of her head was bleeding.

However, Carlos took another step forward, grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

He squeezed Ashley's neck and held her tightly. With a little more force, she was almost suffocated!

"Do you know that a long time has been enough for the police to find out the location of the person you talked to? Now captain Li must have led people to catch him. Thank you very much. Otherwise, the police would have no idea when they could find the culprit. "

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