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   Chapter 193 Defend Her

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Amanda didn't expect that he would ask her such a question. She was slightly shocked.

Celia had told her about that last time.

Celia would not die if Carlos could think out such a thoughtful plan?

But fortunately, she responded quickly.

"I not only know that you were with Ashley at that time, but also know that your son was kidnapped. Your ex-wife's son had been abducted while your wife had a car accident. Carlos, if this is really a coincidence, then you are all alone. " Amanda scoffed coldly. She was not afraid of Carlos at all.

Carlos was suddenly downcast, and had no mood to care about how Amanda would mock him.

So that's it?

Didn't Celia tell her?

That woman Did she really forget him?

He begged Amanda to help take care of Celia and then Carlos left the hospital in a hurry.

There was something that must be solved immediately.

Otherwise, it would not be easy to deal with it if the problem could not be solved in a short time.

And it may lead to endless trouble.

"Miss mu, thank you for your cooperation."

Mr. Zhang, the captain of team, who just finished writing a note for Ashley at the police station, said angrily to her.

"I should be the one who should say 'thank you'. Without you, I don't know when Sven can be found! Besides, I haven't given you much useful information. "

"Anyway, as long as our child came back safe and sound. As for the kidnappers, we will do our best to continue the pursuit. We won't let the criminals get away with their ransom. But we are not sure about the time. "

"It doesn't matter. I know you have lots of cases every day. I don't care about the ransom. I just hope that there won't be other children scared or hurt anymore. "

Captain Zhang nodded in agreement, "then shall I arrange someone to send Miss Mu and your child back?"

"Oh, No. Carlos just called and said he would be back soon. He left in a hurry just now. "

"Okay. Please take a seat, Miss mu. I'm sorry that I have other cases. So..."

"Thank you, Mr. Zhang."


When Carlos arrived at the room, he saw that Ashley was sitting on the edge of the bed in the lounge, looking tenderly at Sven who was curling up in the b

my parents miss Sven very much. They called me many times to urge me to take him back home as soon as possible! "

Carlos listened silently. After a long time, he nodded and said, "since you have made up your mind, I won't say anything more."

"I am worried about you. Miss Ling, she Is it serious? "

As soon as she mentioned Celia Ling, Kevin's eyes darkened all of a sudden. Sorrow could be seen in his deep eyes. He said word by word, "the child was not saved."

Ashley's mouth agape in shock.

Only the baby was gone?

She took Carlos's sleeve and comforted him in a gentle voice, "Carlos, don't be too sad. You and Miss Ling are still young. Sooner or later, your baby will be born. "

Carlos looked at her seriously. When he was about to say something, his phone rang again.

After hearing what Ashley said, Carlos took out his phone and answered the phone.

"Captain Li."

Carlos called her name lightly. Hearing Carlos's voice, Ashley was startled.

"Did you find the run car?" Carlos asked with surprise. Hearing Carlos's words, Ashley became very nervous. "What about the culprit?"

"Okay. I'm now in the criminal police team. Okay, I'll wait for you here. "

Carlos hung up the phone.

Ashley put her hands in the pockets of her patient clothes, and held the phone tightly with her left hand. Her hands sweated heavily.

"Did he find the culprit?" She tried to keep her voice steady and make it sound as relaxed as possible.

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