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   Chapter 191 Only Him

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 9001

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In the hallway outside the ward, Amanda kept dragging Dylan all the way to the other side of the corridor and pressed him against the wall. She glared at him with her beautiful eyes wide open.

"Don't tell Carlos the truth, Dylan! I'm going to make him think that the baby is gone. I'm going to piss him off! "

With just a little bit more force, he grabbed the small paw on his chest. "That's the couple's affair. What are you doing now?"

"I messed it up? Humph! When I was sleeping with Celia, he had no idea where he was playing! "

"I don't care! Don't tell him the truth! Otherwise... Otherwise I'll divorce you! "

His eyes suddenly turned sharp, which really frightened Amanda. "If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will beat you up!" he threatened

Glaring at Dylan, Amanda stepped back and deliberately pulled her sleeves up. "Want a fight? I'm not afraid of you! "

Dylan was speechless

"I was serious about what I said just now!"

Suddenly, she became quiet and said seriously.

"I'm like Celia. She has never got her parents' love. What's more, that bastard Ron has done that to her. She thought she could find someone to rely on, but Carlos has left her alone for his ex-wife several times."

"Do you know that once a woman feels attached to a man, his every act can easily hurt her. But men like women always think themselves highly of themselves. He thought that no matter what you do, we will be there with all our hearts for you. If I don't teach you guys a lesson, they will think that we can't live without you! "

He rubbed his brows speechlessly. "Honey It seems that it has nothing to do with me. "

"I didn't mean that! However, if you dare to be together with Carlos in the future, I'm not as Celia. I, I will... "

"What will you do?"

He put his hands on her waist and pushed her against the wall. His strong body came closer to her and surrounded her tightly. He pressed his thin lips together and asked back.

Although they had been very close with each other, every time when he acted like this, there would always be a trace of blush on Amanda's face, but she would always pretend to be strong and stare at him. Only her voice would always be a little flirtatious because of the irregular heartbeat.

"What are you doing, Dylan?"

Looking at the stubborn little woman in front of him, who was now somewhat shy as a girl, his thin lips were even curving in a smile.

"That's good!"

"What do you mean?"

He bent his eyebrows and drew closer to her. His thin lips brushed against Amanda's pink lips which were tightly closed out of nervousness. He said in an ambiguous tone, "you blush for me and your heart race for me."


an do an examination a few days later. "

Carlos said coldly, "But she seemed not to remember me only."

Dr. Chen was shocked again. He pondered for a moment and said, "this kind of selective amnesia is a medical profession, which is not rare. Selective amnesia is a subconscious protection of a human's brain when one is badly hurt or his or her brain is impacted by something or something that one doesn't want to remember. "

The doctor's words made Carlos even more depressed.

She hadn't remembered him before. Now, even this time, did she choose to forget him?

Was Celia the last person she would want to face to be hurt?

His heart was clenched tightly with pain and helplessness. He felt sad but could do nothing.

Hearing the conversation between the doctor and Carlos, Celia frowned and looked at Carlos as if looking at a stranger. She asked in a low voice, "should I know this gentleman?"

On hearing her question, Carlos looked at Celia who was looking at him with strange eyes. For the first time, he felt flabbergasted.

What should he do?

After briefing Celia Ling some matters needing attention, Dr. Chen was about to leave.

Celia suddenly stopped him.

"Dr. Chen."

"What is it?"

"I wonder how's the person who came with me now? Hasn't the operation been finished yet? "

Celia asked anxiously and anxiously, which made Carlos' face paler and paler.

"I don't think so. His attending doctor hasn't come out yet. "

Celia lowered her head and said nothing. She looked more worried.

An idea came to Carlos' mind. He could not help but walk towards Celia. He looked at Celia hopefully and asked, "do you even remember Zed Ling?"

She remembered the man whom she had been with for only a few days, but forgot him?

He couldn't accept it!

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