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   Chapter 190 Who Are You

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At 9:00 pm, the streets of Jin City were still bustling.

The street was flowing.

A Maybach broke through the traffic rules and ran red lights all the way, creating countless dangerous moments. It was speeding at high speed.

Having known Carlos for so many years, it was the first time he saw Carlos so panic.

He strode anxiously in disorder, hair disheveled, and anxiety was obvious in his dark eyes.

Staying in the ward, Dylan came out of the ward unhappily. When he saw Carlos come out of the elevator, his heart skipped a beat.

He couldn't believe that a man who was always low-key would have such a day?

He opened the door of the ward behind him and reminded him, "She's asleep. Be gentle."

Dylan's wife was still sleeping!

Carlos pursed his lips and did not answer. But his messy steps had become quietly.

He anxiously looked at the little woman on the bed who seemed to have bandages all over her body. His heart wrenched and his breath crushed into his throat.

He seemed to walk heavily, but there were only a few steps between them, as if they were separated from the whole world.

He couldn't imagine what had happened to this little woman when he had been busy dealing with the relationship between Ashley and Sven.

He couldn't imagine if the call he had hung up was from her for help?

And he didn't dare to think that he was about to lose her forever!

He finally walked to her side and reached out his hand, only to find that his hand was trembling severely.

He tried to move towards Celia's pale face. However, just as his hand was about to touch her face, he was pushed away and stumbled a few steps back.

He looked to where the voice came from and found it was from Amanda.

After casting a reproachful glance at Carlos, she turned to cast an angry glance at Dylan who was sitting on the couch.

Obviously, she was angry that he had called Carlos over.

"What are you doing here, Carlos?" After glaring fiercely at Dylan, she turned her eyes back to Carlos and scolded h

dsome face.

The tenderness in his starry eyes hurt her deeply.

However, after all these things she had gone through, she would no longer easily show her emotions on her face.

Celia lay on the bed and looked at him quietly, with no waves in her eyes.

Celia was so quiet. She was not angry, sad or alive at all.

Celia was like an old and worn-out doll, looking at him coldly. Carlos could not help but feel deeply terrified from the bottom of his heart.

It felt like they were very close to each other, but their hearts were as far as the horizon.

He lifted his hand and gently smoothed the soft hair on her forehead that was wrapped in the bandage. He said in a hoarse voice, "sorry, I'm late."

On the other hand, Celia Ling kept looking at him in that calm manner.

After a long time, she finally had a shallow expression on her face.

Eyebrows knitted, Molly asked in confusion, "Sir, who are you?"

Carlos' hands froze.

Celia's eyes froze. She stared at Celia as if trying to penetrate into her heart.

Why did she ask who he was?

Did she forget him?

Was it because of the car accident?

Or... Did she do it on purpose?

Celia had already removed her eyes from him and looked around the ward. Frowning, she asked, "where's Amanda?"

Carlos asked in surprise.

She remembered Becky but didn't remember him?

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