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   Chapter 187 You Stay With Another Woman When I Need You Most

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 6661

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As if from the heaven, that car suddenly appeared behind Celia and Zed.

In addition, their eyes got blurred because of the light, so their brains were empty for a moment.

When they came to their senses, the car had already rushed to them at a very fast speed.

Celia could do nothing except instinctively closing her eyes.

The next moment, Celia felt a warm embrace around her, which made her slightly calm down from her nervousness.

But only for a moment!

As a sound of bang followed, Celia's body fell to the ground.

The limbs and bones seemed to be broken, especially the head which seemed to be torn apart, but his consciousness was still clear.

She reached out to the phone in the pocket for help, but she felt her body heavy as if there was something heavy.


It was him!

He held her the moment the car hit him, and then blocked the car with his body!

However, because of the extremely fast speed and the unusual impact force, both of them were knocked down at the same time.

However, Zed endured the car crash directly. Even Celia, who had just collided into the car, could not be more frightened. Not to mention the injuries of Zed.

Her heart was trembling with fear.

Enduring the pain as if her arm was going to be broken, she picked up her mobile phone. But when she moved her body a little bit, she felt a tore up pain in her lower abdomen. She felt as if a stream of heat was flowing out of her body


Her baby!

The streets were empty after the heavy rain.

Tears streamed down her face in terror. She dared not move, because a slight movement of her stomach hurt her badly.

But she had to do something.

If she kept staying like this, not only her child but also Zed would be in trouble.

Tears mixed with bloodstains blurred Celia's eyes. She held back her pain and finally took out her phone.

Her sight was blurred. She found "Carlos" in the call record with difficulty and pressed the "answer" button.


know. He's hemophilia. Don't worry. Your son is fine."

"I want to hear his voice!" Said Ashley anxiously.

On the other side, the policeman was gesturing her to slow down.

Nodded Ashley.

There was a moment's silence on the other side of the phone. Then the man's cold voice came from the phone, "kid, say something to your mother."

The innocent sob of the child came through from the other end of the phone, which made all the people at present anxious.

The baby was too scared to say anything but crying.

"Sven, Sven, I'm Mommy. Are you all right?" said Ashley anxiously


Sven finally called Ashley's name with tears when he heard her voice.

"Don't be afraid, Sven. Mommy and daddy will save you together!"

"Shut up! If you had prepared the money, half an hour later, put it into the dustbin at the intersection of golden road. Remember, you can only come here by yourself. If I find out what you are doing, believe me, I will definitely let your lovely son bleed to death! "

The kidnapper said ruthlessly.

"I know. We won't. please don't..."

All of a sudden, the kidnapper hung up the phone.

She got flustered and kept calling Sven's name.

Carlos came to hold her and calmed her down a little.

"I got it!"

The words of a special police officer thrilled everyone.

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