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   Chapter 186 I Have No Money But I Can Marry You

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With a sullen look in her eyes and her beautiful pink lips moved slowly, Ashley spat out a series of cold, venomous words.

"It's time to get started. But you can find the right time. There are many people in the downtown. Be careful and don't leave any trouble."

"Don't worry about me."

"I hope I can attend her funeral in a few days," she added, her face turning more cold

"Yes." The man answered without any hesitation.

Carlos saw her red eyes the moment she came out of the bathroom.

It should be the look of crying just now.

He looked calm, but his heart was heavy.

Celia was waken up by the storm that came all of a sudden.

Before they reached the destination, heavy rain poured down and hit the car, making her unable to sleep.

When she opened her eyes, the rain blurred the whole world.

Although the windscreen wiper was working at full speed, the driver still drove very slowly.

Fortunately, at that time, it was not far from the destination. About ten minutes later, Celia saw the luxurious building standing there through the mist.

A curtain of glass covered the 99 floor building. Its exterior looked like a flying wind, flying in the sea.

"Miss, you can only park the car here and can't drive in any more."

The taxi stopped by the sightseeing hall to the hotel. The driver said to Celia.

The hotel had a system of membership, and only members of various countries could get in and out freely. For people like Celia Ling who had taken a taxi to the hotel, it was forbidden to enter.

Celia had heard of the news, so she nodded her head and paid for it. Then she got out of the car.

The rain was still pouring down, and the sky seemed to be out of control. The whole world was filled with rain, and it was totally a mess.

Sitting on the horizontally chair of the sightseeing hall, Celia took out her mobile phone and called Zed to pick her up to pay the bill!

A few minutes later, a car stopped outside the sightseeing hall.

The car was flushed by the rain. Celia couldn't see clearly what kind of car it was, but from the appearance of the car, she could tell that it was definitely not an ordinary car.

The door opened and a man dressed like a waiter came out. He might be the driver of the hotel to p

a kick.

Zed deftly hid himself in the corner and said, "Dear Celia, how could you be as violent as that brutal woman? She is not cute at all! "

Celia kept on glaring at him.

'does he always bully cute girls?'?


"In fact, I didn't mean to do that. I thought that only the bank card and credit card have been frozen, but I don't know that either. I even lost my membership card! He is so cruel! "

Celia didn't bother to mind Celia. She turned her head and ignored him.

The only thing Celia was lucky tonight was that the rain had turned lighter after she came down from the restaurant. It seemed that it would stop definitely.

After a while, the rain stopped.

Since there was no taxi available here, they had to walk to the nearby commercial street first.

It had just rained, and the temperature dropped a lot. It was a little cold in such a day.

Zed walked towards Celia. Seeing that she was shivering, he took off his coat and put it on her shoulder.

Celia glanced at him and said nothing.

As they walked along a long street, the streetlights on both sides appeared a little dim in the dark night.

A strange sound suddenly came from behind not far away. Both of them looked back in confusion.

The sudden bright beam of light lit up their eyes, and they dazzled at the same time. They subconsciously raised their hands to block their eyes, and listened to the sound getting closer and closer.

It was the sound of the engine!

The car was speeding towards them!

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