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   Chapter 182 You Are Inferior To Her Everywhere!

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At this moment, even the title of Carlos was changed from Manager Mo to Ron.

Lying on the bed, Ron looked at Carlos sideways with his eyes filled with ferocity.

"Mr. Gu, what do you mean?" Asked Rona who got in their way.

"It's okay to lose the company and come back again. But if you lose your freedom or even your life, it's too late to regret!"

The obscure words of Carlos confused both Rona and Ron.

"What do you mean?"

His words confused both Rona and Ron, but they could not help feeling a hint of panic.

Carlos quietly looked at the broken psychological line in Rona's eyes. He suddenly leaned over and whispered to her ear, "Mrs. Mo, for so many years, have you dreamed of that dead goddaughter?"

Carlos' words led Rona into hell.

She was stiff and cold all over, and her face was horribly pale, and even her breathing was almost stopped.

"For the company, you must do whatever you can! Oh my God! That girl was really pitiful. She was framed into jail and ended up miserably in a prison and was said to have committed suicide! "

"Mrs. Mo, have you never been afraid that the girl's ghost will come back for you? Look for the three of you! She'll take you all with her to hell! "

Carlos just leaned over and whispered in her ear word by word.

"No, no, no..."


Ron was still with the corner of his mouth twitched and called out Carlos' name.

He didn't know what he said to his mother to make her look so terrible and her eyes so terrified.

With that, Carlos stood straight and looked down at trembling Rona in front of him, like a proud king.

"Ron has just been paralyzed. However, if he is still so greedy, or if he still wants to have a little relationship with Celia, I don't mind telling him to accompany that girl in the underground!"

The last sentence seemed to have dawned on Ron.

What he said...

Rona felt a pair of cold iron clamp tightly around her chest, and her heart almost stopped beating violently out of fear.

Especially thinking of the letter she received a few months ago!

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

She wanted to ask him why he knew so clearly about the past.

And what was the relationship between him and Nelda?

Is Nelda still alive?

Her heart was too

pt a poker face in front of outsiders. That was why Ashley couldn't tell from his face that he was not in a good mood.

"Don't run out of my last patience with you, Ashley Mu!"

Ashley clenched her fists. With a confused look, she said, "I really don't know what you're talking about, Carlos."

Suddenly, the coldness in Carlos' eyes broke into pieces. He unsheathed his sword with a cold look.

He suddenly walked up and tried to grab the phone on the bedside table.

Before he could take any action, Ashley held the phone in her hand, hid it behind her back and pressed the number "1".

Carlos snorted coldly. "If you really have nothing to do with this, give me your phone."

Pursing her lips, Ashley shook her head silently.

"I'm warning you the last time. If you dare to lay a finger on Celia, I will make you suffer what she has experienced! "

"Carlos! Do you really hate me so much? "

The woman called her name abruptly.

Carlos looked at her indifferently. But his words were so cruel. "You should know how much I hate you!"

She was too shocked to say anything.

No matter how much he disliked her in the past, he had never appeared above the surface.

Was it because she had touched his bottom line again and again? Was it true as he said, he had run out of his last patience for her?

Her heart was stung and cold.

But today, what she wanted was his impatience!

"Why? Why? Why am I not as good as her? "

Carlos lifted his eyes and said, "you are nothing better than her!"

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