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   Chapter 178 Damned Face Paralysis!

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His upper part of body was naked, revealing his white and strong figure, and his little wife, half crouching by the sofa, was seriously moving on his back with her little hands.

Carlos' face suddenly turned cold, and his deep eyes were full of coldness. He looked at the back of Zed, as if he wanted to poke a few holes in his eyes!

As he approached, he saw Celia's face clearly.

She was carefully removing the gauze that had been bandaged.

Although he only met Zed once, he was impressed by him.

As a result, Carlos recognized him immediately.

He thought of last time when she met with Zed, Zed was in the same room with his little wife almost naked.

And today, he did it again!

It was not his concern whether Zed was hurt or not!

"Honey, what's wrong?"

Although he was cold in his heart, his voice was absolutely cold and indifferent.

But when he called her wife, his voice was so soft.

Celia Ling was removing the previous gauze to stop the bleeding for Zed. Hearing Carlos' question, she didn't even raise her head, naturally unable to tell the gentleness in his tone.

"Zed is injured. I am helping him bind up the wound!"

"Why don't you go to the hospital?"

Carlos said as he walked over.

"He said it was not serious and he did not need to go to the hospital."

Carlos snorted in his mind, 'why does he come to my wife without going to the hospital?

"Can you dress the wound? Let me help you. " Carlos suddenly volunteered.

Celia raised her head to look at Carlos in confusion. She couldn't believe her ears. "Can you dress the wound too?"

The man smiled, "your husband can do nothing except that he can't be pregnant."

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

'How cheeky you are! Don't flatter yourself like that!' thought she.

And there were other people present!

"Let me help you."

Carlos walked to Celia's side and was about to pick her up.

"No way! Celia, I just want you to bind up my wound! "

Although Zed had been bending over on his stomach, he could still feel Carlos' cold eyes, which were like sharp arrows, shooting him a beehive on his back.

He began to doubt whether Carlos said that out of kindness. Did Carlos want to help him stop bleeding or not!

Celia looked at Carlos confusedly. He didn't seem to be a warm-hearted person!

Before she could refuse, Carlos directly carried her up and put her on the sofa beside. He smiled and said, "let me do it!"

Celia was stunned.

Why did she think his smile was so bad today?

Lying prone on the sofa, Zed didn't see Carlos' smile, but he could feel a deep evil intention from h


After entering the kitchen, Carlos pointed at the apron hanging on the wall and said to her, "help me put it on."

Celia Ling obediently took off the apron and stood behind him. She put the apron on and bound it up from the back.

Carlos turned around and kissed her on the forehead as a reward.

Celia's face turned red. She looked at him and started to cut the vegetables deftly.

"Let me cook for you."

It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't cooked yet!

The dinner wasn't ready yet.

While cooking, Carlos didn't turn around and said, "okay."

"How much rice do we need?"

She asked awkwardly, scratching her head.

Carlos narrowed his eyes and said, "two cups are enough."

"That's enough, isn't it?"

She didn't know how much rice she should put, but her intuition seemed to be too little?

"No, he won't," Carlos said affirmatively


In the living room, after being tortured for a while, Zed passed out.

Then he smelled the food and woke up.

He got up from the sofa with a dull pain in the back.

Although Carlos had bandaged his wound in many ways, Zed still stopped him from bleeding.

He didn't want Zed to use it as an excuse to "alienate" them.

Celia was walking out of the kitchen with the last dish in her hands. Seeing that Zed was awake, she asked in surprise, "are you awake?"

Apparently, Zed was very hungry. He stretched out her hand and tried to grab a cowbean, but Celia slapped her hand away. She glared at him and said, "wash your hands!"

Zed curled his lips and went to the kitchen.

Carlos was cooking pork bone soup in the kitchen when he saw Zed come in.

Two men's eyes met in the air, one as ferocious as fire, and the other as indifferent as water.

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