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   Chapter 177 A Man On The Sofa

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Oh, Celia almost forget that he also lives here.

Standing still, Zed held the door with one hand, and used the back of the other hand to touch the stabbed by Celia. His handsome face turned pale because of the pain.

Celia threw the straw away hurriedly and walked up to Zed. She asked with an apologetic face, "are you all right?"

It seemed that zed was really in great pain with cold sweat on his forehead. He glanced at her and spoke after a long while. "What do you think?"

Celia stared at Zed's back with guilty and worried eyes. She was shocked to see the blood stains on his light colored T-shirt.

It can't be true?

How could he become bleeding just by a poke?

Was it because she was too strong, or was the body of the stick a sword?

"Your back is bleeding!" She screamed.

On the contrary, Zed was calm. He touched his back, which was becoming sticky gradually. A faint sense of warmth was felt on his finger. He turned his head and asked, "do you have any medicine to stop the bleeding?"

Celia kept fixing her eyes on Zed's back. She discovered that there was still blood stains on his back.

It can't be true?

This guy was so thin and tender, and the cool clothes stick made of plastic poked a hole through it?

Celia was so flustered that she didn't hear the question from him. As she was about to ask if he needed to go to the hospital, he had already taken off his T-shirt.

Celia didn't have the mood to enjoy the view anymore. She pulled Zed's shoulder to let him turn his back on her.

As soon as she looked at it, her face suddenly froze.

On his white and strong back, there was a dark purple color in the middle part.

In the center of the circle was a wound stabbed by something sharp. The dark red blood was constantly pouring out from the wound. It was hard to tell how deep the wound was.

Celia's eyelids kept twitching. Even her hand was shaking.

'Am I so strong?

She not only poked the skin and flesh but also had a serious bruise around the wound.

Zed clearly felt that the small soft hand on his shoulder was shivering at the moment, and his heart was beating slightly.

Was she feeling sorry for him?

"It's none of your business. I got hurt before." Said zed.

Celia was stunned. Then she understood.

Of course, such a serious wound was impossible to be caused by a piece of plastic.

But she might have made his wound open again.

It must be painful?

"I'll take you to the hospital."

Celia looked at Zed's back again. After she made sure that his back had been bandaged, she stood up and said, "I'll go to open the door."

She stood up as soon as she finished speaking.

However, because she had been squatting for too long, her legs were numb, and her whole body was unable to control herself to fall forward.

A hint of coldness flashed in zed's eyes. He turned around on the sofa, opened his arms and held her tightly in case that her head would hit the back of the sofa if she pounced on him.

Falling into the warm arms of Zed, Celia exclaimed as her heart eased.

As she breathed a long sigh of relief, she saw Zed frowning slightly, looking as if he was in great pain.

Suddenly she remembered something and hurriedly broke away from his arms. "Ah! Is your wound bleeding again? "

His wound ached, and he wasn't in the mood to feel his immersed passion. Frowning, he nodded, "I think so."

Celia hurriedly turned him over. As expected, the gauze on his back slowly stated a tinge of blood.

The doorbell kept ringing. Bearing the pain, zed said, "you go to open the door first!"

Celia looked out of the door and rushed to the door. She opened it and didn't see the man outside. She then returned to the sofa and cleaned the wound for him.

Carlos rang the bell for a long time, but nobody answered.

As he was about to call Celia, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

But there was no trace of that little woman at the door. He could only see a figure running back quickly.

Carlos furrowed his eyebrows and walked into the room. He immediately noticed that there was a man lying on the old sofa.

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