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   Chapter 176 so sweet

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Carlos's eyes brightened and he smiled. "A girl, of course."

Celia was confused. "Why?"

Carlos looked at her and said, "I'm not gay."

Celia could not believe what she had heard

'how could he be so lewd?'?

As far as she knew, there was a silent CEO who was noble and cool. Was that true?

It was not until he habitually teased the little woman that Carlos looked at her deeply and replied seriously, "as long as it is your child, I will love it no matter it is a boy or a girl."

He looked so serious and his burning eyes made Celia's heart beat faster.

She looked around, put her hands on her belly and murmured, "if only I were pregnant with opposite sex twins. It's so adorable that a brother can take care of his sister. "

Carlos stroked her little head, seeing that she raised her head again. "Well, how about we give him a name?"

Carlos raised his eyebrows and said, "okay."

Celia frowned and seemed to think carefully.

After a while, her eyes were slightly bright and she said, "yes, I have thought of it!"


"Well One is called gold and the other is called silver. What do you think? Hahaha! "

Carlos, "..."

Carlos looked disgusted and speechless. Celia broke into laughter with arms akimbo.

Ha ha ha!

Finally, there was a day when she made fun of him!

"Are you not satisfied?" Celia's smile faded. She said seriously, "what a nice name. Can't you save a lot of money?"

Carlos's handsome face was stiff. It seemed that he had to change his surname back in the future.

It was almost nine o'clock when they got home.

Celia was sweating profusely. She took her nightgown out of the bedroom and rushed into the bathroom.

When she was about to close the door of the bathroom, she was pulled by someone from the outside.

She tilted her head to look at Carlos, who was still holding on to the doorknob. "What are you doing?" she asked

"I'm going to take a shower," he said with a composed look

Celia could not believe what she had heard

"I'll take a shower first."

Carlos curled his lips and said, "let's do it together."

Celia blushed. She tried to open the door, but it didn't move.

"Bastard, let me go!"

Carlos narrowed his eyes with a cunning smile, and stepped into the bathroom with one foot first. Then he slammed the bathroom doo

full that she burped.

Celia was fed up and wanted to sleep. She thought she might be a pig in her last life.

She decided to call Amanda first to tell her about her current situation so that she could be relieved.

But someone seemed to be more sleepy than her.

She made a phone call to her. Amanda seemed to be still in a dream, unable to even speak a complete sentence.

After hanging up the phone, Celia took a woolen dog out of the room and cuddled it to the sofa in the living room for a nap.

As a result, she once again dozed off.

She didn't wake up from sleep until she vaguely heard a rustling sound.

After listening carefully, she found that someone was unlocking the door.

Who is it?

'it couldn't be Amanda. I called her just now, ' she thought.

Carlos doesn't have a key here, so it's impossible.

Was it


Celia screamed and jumped out of the sofa.

Hearing the sound of door opening, she jumped up in a hurry and hid behind the door.

She had meant to see who was outside through the cat's eye, but the man outside had opened the door directly.

Celia could only hide behind the door and grabbed the basaltic stick behind the door. She was on the alert.

Some old doors were opened, and a man appeared.


Screamed Celia as she lifted the bucket. She stabbed it fiercely at the back of the man who was about to close the door.


An extremely depressing muffled sound rang out. Celia, who had succeeded, was about to attack again, and that man turned his head.

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