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   Chapter 174 He Was Indeed A Legendary Tyrant

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Celia's face became redder. She kept her eyes away from his burning sight and said, "I just came downstairs for a walk. The pregnant woman should walk more."

Carlos looked at her quietly for a while, and did not expose her. The other hand took her small soft hand and led her back.

"I'll go for a walk with you after dinner."

Celia held his hand quietly and stole a glance at him subconsciously.

He seemed to be in a good mood. Was the matter handled smoothly?

After arriving at the door, Celia opened the door and they got inside. Carlos put the shopping bags on the coffee table and asked her, "are you hungry?"

Celia shook her head. "No, I'm not hungry."

All she was thinking about was other things now, so that even her stomach was empty, she didn't feel hungry.

Carlos nodded and pulled her to sit down on the old sofa.

"Do you want to know how it is going?"

Celia nodded subconsciously.

Carlos stared at her with his clear eyes, curled his lips and said, "give me a kiss, and I'll tell you."

As he spoke, his sexy thin lips were even slightly pouted, as if a child asking for candy.

Celia was speechless.

The old man was acting cute. It was too intimidating to look at!

Carlos saw her little red face without any movement or hurry. He was about to stand up and said, "don't hurry to know? I'll go cook now. "

Celia blushed. She bit her lip and her cheeks bulged. She stretched out her hand and tried to pull him back. However, his leg was too long. At last, she just stretched out her hand and almost tore his pants down.

Carlos was pulled back to sit down by her. He pretended to be surprised and said, "taking off pants is better than doing it at night."

Celia was embarrassed and angry.

This old scoundrel!

Carlos teased her intentionally.

He knew that she was anxious to know the result of the matter, so he stretched out his arms and held her tightly.

The base of the old sofa was very soft. Celia was held by Carlos in his arms and her whole body almost lay on his laps.

"I have made it clear to Ashley and Sven."

Carlos said seriously.

Celia leaned against his chest and looked up at him. "Then how about Sven..."

With knitted brows, Carlos said in a low voice, "life is always hard. It's cruel to Sven

s eyes were wide open. She came to her sense as well.

But Carlos held her more tightly than before, and she couldn't get rid of him at all.


Because of her weak body, it didn't sound like rebuke but more like flirting.

Carlos, of course, had already noticed the changes in himself. It was rare for this little woman to take the initiative. Even though it was just a small movement, she easily let him lose control.

He didn't have much self-control towards this little woman at all.

His dark eyes sparkled and his lips curved into a charming smile. He said, "If I don't be a bastard. How can you have a baby?"

"I am already pregnant!"

Two baby!

"Well Not enough. "

Clearly, she didn't understand what he was referring to.

"Not enough? Do you think I'm a sow? "

Carlos shrugged, "I didn't say that."

Celia glared at him. She clenched her small hand and beat on his strong chest. "Put me down!"

"Wait a minute."

"What the hell are you doing! I'm hungry! "

Carlos frowned with a sad look on his face. "I feel terrible now. I can't cook."

"It's not me. I don't care!"

"Why didn't you do the plastic surgery?"

"You kissed me first!"

"I said I would cook first. Why did you stop me and take off my pants! You did that before! "

Celia could not believe what she had heard

Was this man really so good at confusing right and wrong?

The next second, Celia's stomach grumbled. As a result, the burning atmosphere in the living room was reduced embarrassedly.

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