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   Chapter 173 You Can't Wait to See Me

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Sven noticed that his father had called himself "me".

Sven opened his mouth slightly but said nothing. He was waiting for Carlos to go on.

"Your daddy is one of my best friends. He helped me a lot, and even died because of me. "

"Dad Do you look after me for him? " Sven asked blankly.

Carlos nodded.

It was a complex story, but it was not necessary to tell it to Sven.

Sven was in a daze for a while. It seemed that he was understanding what Carlos meant.

After a long while, Sven raised his head and looked at Carlos intently. He asked, "Daddy, did Sven do something wrong again? So..."

Carlos reached out his hand, put it on Sven's, shook his head seriously and interrupted him.

The emotion in Sven's eyes changed dramatically. He pulled his hand out of Carlos' and shook his head excitedly.

"I don't believe it! I don't believe it! Daddy, Mommy, you must be lying! "

He didn't know if what Carlos said was true, but he realized why Carlos said that all of a sudden.

"Daddy, is it because you don't want Sven anymore?"

Carlos' heart broke as he saw Sven's tears streaming down.

"Sven, although I'm not your biological father, if you are willing to stay with me and get along well with Celia, I will continue to take care of you like your biological father."

If so, that would be the best result.

He still couldn't rest assured to set a good relationship with Ashley. After all, she had always treated the kids as a tool to achieve her goal.

"No way! I don't want that bad woman! I only want my daddy and Mommy! "

Sven was so excited that he pushed his wheelchair to keep a distance from Carlos. His face was full of tears.

Carlos' face fell. He explained, "Don't worry. Your mother and I have never gotten married. Celia is not a bad woman who would destroy other people's family. She is my only wife. Maybe it's too cruel for you, but you have to accept this fact. "

If Sven couldn't accept this, how could he get along well with Celia?

Carlos had wanted to talk to Sven in a roundabout way, but he found that the child looked like his mother.

He was too paranoid, self deceiving, unwilling to face the reality.

Carlos didn't have the heart to blame Sven. However, after experiencing the fear and apprehension of losing Celia in the hospital this afternoon, he clearly knew that compared with the guilt of the whole life, the loss of Celia's and his babies was more important for him than death!

If he couldn't protect both of them, he must give up.

"It's because of that bad woman and her baby, so you don't want to be with me, right?"

eling of happiness being controlled by others, but she couldn't help but look forward to it.

Being pregnant, Celia tried not to touch any electronic products.

She didn't watch TV or play computer. She was really bored in the house.

After thinking for a while, she went downstairs for a walk.

This community was very old. Unlike Carlos' villa, which was well equipped with all kinds of leisure facilities, Celia could only walk back and forth in the garden in front of the unit, just for a little exercise.

The cool wind couldn't dispel her anxiety.

More than ten minutes later, a familiar black Maybach appeared in front of her. The restless heart of Celia began to beat wildly.

The Maybach was parked at the parking lot beside the flower nursery. The heavy door was opened and Carlos got out of the driver's seat.

Carlos dressed himself formally except for holidays.

He was wearing an Italian handmade dark shirt, and a pair of dark colored suit pants showed off his slim waist perfectly.

He was tall and handsome, with long and straight legs and a three-dimensional face carved with knives and axes, all of which seemed to have gained a unique favor from God.

With a shopping bag in his hand, he must have bought some vegetables by the way, but it didn't affect his outstanding temperament and temperament.

He walked in the setting sun like this, his deep eyes as clear as a deep cold lake. He stared at Celia who was not far away without a blink, and walked steadily towards her step by step.

Celia's face turned red and her heart beat faster.

"You can't wait to see me?"

He stood in front of her, gazing at her tenderly. He wore a light smile on his sexy lips, which made him more charming.

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