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   Chapter 169 You Broke Your Promise

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Carlos' heart could not be more painful. Such a lifeless Celia, especially her originally black and smart eyes, were like stars that had suddenly lost light. They looked gloomy.

"Celia, please wait for another two years."

He suddenly grabbed her little hand and ignored her resistance. His eyes burned into the depth of her eyes, as if wanting to stir up a little ripples in her dead eyes.

Celia's eyes were filled with coldness.

"Why? Why? "

She looked at him with a cruel and cold face and asked.

Carlos held Celia's hand more tightly unconsciously. He pursed his lips and finally said, "I promised Ashley that I would take care of her and her child for seven years. There are still two years left till now."

Celia stared at him, trying to figure out what he meant.

In the end, he smiled coldly and said, "why should I follow the agreement between you and Ashley?"

Just because of the seven-year agreement, she deserved to be abandoned?

She didn't want to take two days, let alone two years.

"We have a deal, don't we?"

Carlos' words reminded Celia of the promise that she had nearly forgotten.

Indeed, they had made some rules before they got married.

Did he make a plan and get everything ready from the very beginning?

But why did he do that?

Now she was not interested in knowing.

"You broke your promise."

After saying that, she held Amanda's hand and walked away quickly. She didn't want to talk to this man any more.

Carlos was stunned by the eloquent woman in front of him. He didn't know how to refute her.

Celia returned to the doctor's office and handed all the examination results to the doctor.

After looking at it, the doctor asked in surprise, "twins?"

Celia nodded dreamily.

"Little girl, why don't you think about it? It's not easy to get pregnant with twins." The doctor couldn't help but ask again.

After sending Amanda to the doctor's office, she went to the bathroom.

No one was by her side, and no one was there to help her sort out her current thoughts. Her mind was in a mess.

"Celia, let's have a talk!"

Carlos said in a low voice. His words brought her into a mess.

Celia shouted unconsciously, "doctor, please arrange an operation for me!"

In the quiet doctor's office, Celia's weak words were like a thunder exploding in Carlos' heart, who was still standing outside the door.

His tall and straight body trembled, an

room. You can't get in and out freely."

Carlos did not look at the nurse. His eyes were following the gurney all the way. Helplessly, he saw the door in the innermost layer of the operating room slowly closed. His breathing was heaving violently. Then he pushed away the nurse blocking in front of him and rushed into the operating room.

"Sir! You can't go in! "

The nurse shouted as she was almost pushed down by Carlos.

A few nurses and doctors were wheeled into the operation room. When they heard the noise, a tall and strong man rushed to them, blocking the automatic door with his hand.


He stepped in front of the automatic door, stretching out his big hand, and smashed the wheel bed. A distinct panic was visible in her hoarse voice.

"What happened?" The doctor with the mask frowned and said.

The automatic door was sealed and sterilized. The man wore his shoes and rushed in.

The nurses around them were also confused, including the patient lying on the gurney.

Carlos looked at the strange face on the gurney, stunned.

In the next second, infinite ecstasy emerged from the bottom of his heart, overwhelmed by excitement.

She was not Celia!

Not her!

"Ding Dong", the door of the elevator opened.

Following the voice, Carlos saw the familiar figure at a distance of more than ten meters. The panic in his heart turned from extreme panic to unbelievable surprise in an instant.

The next moment, Celia's body moved as fast as wind. In an instant, she moved from the operating room to the front of Celia.

He hugged her tightly before she came to herself.

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