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   Chapter 164 Miss Ling, Tell Me How Much You Want!

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Earlier, zed had said that he wanted to buy the underwear not just to make fun of her.

Celia hurriedly ran away from the goods shelf in a hurry. After putting the box of underpants that she had just taken into the cart, Zed picked one that was suitable for him and put it into the cart. Then, he followed her in leisure steps.

All of a sudden, he felt that her life was not so bad.

There was someone accompanying her, having breakfast together, going shopping together, and saying something that would make her blush from time to time. Looking at her blushing face, happiness and satisfaction filled her heart that she had never experienced before.

Perhaps, it was time for her to settle down and return to his hometown.

Not far from them, two middle-aged men stood in front of them, one behind the other.

"Go ahead!" Said the middle-aged man in the lead.

"Yes, my Lord."

One of the middle-aged men nodded and pushed the trolley to another direction.

Zed was following after Celia, putting things into the trolley casually. Suddenly, he saw a middle-aged man pushing a trolley towards him.

Just as he was about to run away.


Before he could speak out the last word, he was dragged by zed to the shelf next door.

Celia Ling walked to the front of the car. She turned her head around as she heard the noise, only to find that Zed Ling and the middle-aged man who seemed to be walking towards her had disappeared.

Confused, she scratched her head and was about to look for the girl when a low voice rang beside her. "Hello, miss."

Celia followed the sound and was stunned.

In front of her was a middle-aged man with an extraordinary appearance.

Celia Ling glanced around to check if the handsome man was talking to her or not.

"I am zed's father, Eric."


But his father seemed not poor at all!

She must be very rich!

"Hello, uncle," Celia greeted him respectfully as she made blind and disorderly conjectures.

"May I have a word with you?"

Celia nodded quizzically and followed him out.

"May I know your name?"

Not long after they left, Eric stopped and turned around to ask Celia.

"Well... I'm Celia Ling. "

Celia... Ling?

Eric Ling looked Celia up and down. There was some suspicion in his eyes, but he finally said.

"Miss Ling, let's make a deal!"

Celia was s

't go back? Then what are you going to do? You just keep fooling around like this? "

"It's none of your business no matter what kind of life I choose."

"I'm your father!"

As soon as Eric's voice fell, he didn't want to see zed suddenly get excited.

"My father? I only have my mother, no father!"

As he spoke, he grabbed Celia's hand and walked quickly in the opposite direction, totally ignoring the shocked look on the other man's face.

On the way, Celia Ling's hand was held tightly by zed Ling. She could clearly feel the sweat in his palm.

Seeing the tension on his face, Celia didn't draw her hand out. Instead, she stretched out her hand and crossed it with Zed's.

He must feel very sad just now, just like what his father did.

Sensing that Celia held his hand proactively, zed turned around and said with a stern look, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you on purpose."

Celia was stunned. Then she realized that he was referring to the cover of her identity. She smiled helplessly. "You only have to pay the rent on time. You can hide it from me forever."

Her words of ridicule made zed grin, but full of bitterness.

"Do you want to go back to have a look? Your father didn't look well just now. " Celia asked cautiously.

At the mention of his father's name, zed snorted and said, "no, thanks. He clearly knows why he asked me to go back."

Zed sniffed dismissively.

"It's so strange. How did he know I was here?"

Zed's question reminded Celia of her previous doubts.

How did his father know that she was pregnant?

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