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   Chapter 161 I'm Pursuing Celia

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When he saw Celia's bare legs again, his black eyes were almost bursting with anger!

But what he cared about most was the words of that man!

She had seen everything last night, had she?

He gripped her wrist again and pulled her to the bed, putting her down on the bed domineeringly but softly.

"What do you want, Carlos?"

Screamed Celia.

Outside the door, Zed was putting his ear against the door to hear the sound inside. All of a sudden, he heard Celia's scream. He stood straight and stretched his long leg.

"Bang!" he kicked the door open and shouted, "let go of that girl!"

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

Carlos' face was as cold as ice, his temples throbbing.

Zed felt a dull pain in his leg when he kicked the door. However, he had to endure it to maintain his image.

He looked carefully at the room and suddenly felt lucky that he had broken in.

The man was Celia Ling. He was holding her ankle with one hand and trying to take off her clothes with the other.

"Celia, are you okay?"

Someone didn't seem to feel the tension in the room at all. He walked straight to the bed and stretched out his hand, intending to help Celia stand up.

It was not until a sound of a broken wind came from the side, and because of the short distance, Zed couldn't avoid it, that he was hit in the face and suddenly fell to the ground.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely cold at this moment.

Celia's face changed abruptly as she looked at the man on the ground who suddenly fell on the ground. Then she turned to look at Kevin, who was still trying hard to keep his fist down. She stood up straight from the bed and glared at him. "What are you doing, Carlos?" she shouted angrily

As she spoke, she squatted down beside Zed and helped him stand up. With deep guilt in her voice, she asked, "Zed, are you all right?"

Zed's head was hit a little bit. He stood up with the support of Celia. He grinned and wanted to speak, but he found his right cheek hurt severely.

Carlos sat on the bed, watching how Celia worried about the other man, and even

er face against his chest.

Carlos' hand froze in the air. He couldn't go any further.

But in his chest, something was breaking inch by inch. The slow and extreme pain made his face pale bit by bit.

Compared with Carlos' pale face, Zed was quite skillful at it. He smiled and said, "as far as I know, you are going to be your ex husband, aren't you?"

Carlos' face darkened.

Zed continued, "although you are still Celia's legal husband, you will eventually be forgotten by her. As for me, I will be her present and future. "

Carlos' face grew paler. A storm was brewing between his eyes and brows, but he still retained his aloofness and nobility.

He had never given up easily.

Even if I become your ex husband, are you going to raise the baby for me? "

Carlos thought that the man named Celia Ling must have no idea that Celia was pregnant.

How many men in the world could be so broad-minded and be willing to be a dad?

Hearing what Carlos said, Zed was indeed worried for a moment.

But it was only for a moment.

The next moment, he curved his eyebrows and said clearly with a charming smile, "I really don't mind. I don't think it's bad if another man's child is called daddy. "

Zed's words were just right in Carlos' heart, and successfully provoked his anger again.

As soon as he raised his hand, a gust of strong wind caused by his fists came towards zed.

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