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   Chapter 159 Unique

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Dylan took the skirt Ellie was going to buy from the saleswoman's hand and handed his black card to her.

"I'll pay double of the dress."

It took the saleswoman a long time to react. She only opened her mouth and stared at the handsome man in front of her, unable to say a word.

"What are you doing? It's just a dress. I can give it to her if she wants. "

Amanda stepped forward and tugged at his sleeve.

"Wow, how could you be so generous today?"

He whispered in her ear.

Amanda glared at him, knowing that he was referring to the necklace.

"Wasn't you pretty hot that day? Why did you change your character? "

The man's giggle embarrassed Amanda.

"Why do you like to buy so much?"

"Yes, I like to buy it for you."


Seeing that Dylan was so generous and proactive, Amanda gave him what he wanted without hesitation.

Her beautiful face cracked into a big smile, and she looked right into Dylan eyes with her hands around his waist, like a little woman immersed in happiness. She nuzzled closer to him, and said gently to him with a sense of coquetry.

"Miss Li also likes this dress. What should we do? If you only buy the dress of this shop, but it has many branch stores in the city, and there are countless of them across the country. I don't like to wear the same dress as others. Why don't you... "

She said, looking at Dylan with her starry eyes.

Dylan arched an eyebrow, and smiled, "why not?"

"Why don't you buy the dresses from other stores? In this way, no one will wear the same dress as me!"

As soon as Amanda finished her words, Ellie, her assistant and the saleslady were all shocked.

The saleswoman had recognized the man in front of her as soon as she saw him. She then recalled the news and looked Amanda up and down.

God, her eyes were almost popping out.

How dare she, young master Tang's wife, ask him to buy all the dresses in the store for her.

Dylan's heart skipped a beat. Instead of getting angry, he felt a rush of happiness.

He loved the way she was bossy and spoiled.

Dylan curled his lips and spoke in a gravelly voice.

"Well, if you like, I'll buy all the dresses in the world for you. Then you'll be the unique person wearing them."

His bewitching voice made everyone present shudder, including Amanda.

"First... Go and try it fi

ked down the whole residential building.

It was, it was a man! and he...

Zed Ling, who was humming a song and taking a shower, was almost slid down to the ground when he heard the sudden scream.

Fortunately, Zed had his back to the door. As soon as he turned his head to look at the door, he saw Celia screaming like a ghost.

"Am I in bad shape? What are you yelling at? "

Celia shouted as she turned around to see him. She was so shocked that she stamped her feet and turned her back to him. "You're such a pervert! Why not lock the door! "

"You're a freak! Why didn't you knock on the door when you went to the toilet?"

AVA could not believe what she had heard

She was wide awake and totally forgot that there was another man in this room?

She covered her eyes with her hands and walked out. She was forced to say, "hurry up!"

ten minutes later.

"Hey! Are you feeling better? " Celia screamed as she slammed the door.

Only the song in the room responded to her.

Fifteen minutes later.

"Hurry up!"

"Come in if you want! I don't mind! "


Why is there not a single man around me? '?

Two minutes later, Celia finally heard that the water sound in the bathroom stopped. She had to wait at the door with embarrassment.

The door of the bathroom opened. They smelled something warm and moist. And The man with upper body was half naked.

Celia was standing too close to Celia. She was dizzy to see the white flower. She forgot to look away.

"Am I in a good shape?"

Zed winked at Celia in sexy eyes.

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