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   Chapter 158 The Woman On My Household Register

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When she looked at Dylan's handsome face getting closer and closer to her, Amanda felt that her heart was beating faster. In particular, as the man moved his sexy thin lips, the air in her mouth stirred.

After a while, there was a voice difficult to overflow from the throat.

"Dy...Dylan What... What are you doing? Others can see it from the outside. "

"What? It's perfect to show off. "


Amanda was speechless. She tried to push Rufus away but drew back immediately as she touched his chest.

His chest was hot and firm, and under his thin shirt were all the muscles that could make people blush and heart beat.

Somehow, the image of him kissing her with his upper body appeared in front of her eyes, and her little face instantly flushed.

The man chuckled, for she was so shy.

"I haven't done anything to you yet? Why are you so shy? By the way, when we were in the restaurant, didn't you close your eyes and want me to kiss you? How about now Should I satisfy you? "


Her face was even redder. She roared at him and tried her best to push him away from her eyes.

With the sound of "Ding", the elevator stopped and the door opened.

Amanda looked up. Oh, my God! 'So many people!'.

People waiting for the elevator were also slightly stunned, especially when they saw that Amanda's face was already red to the neck, and her hands were tightly clenching her skirt at the moment. Moreover, when they saw the people at the door of the elevator, the panic in her eyes and the intention to run away were very obvious. It was difficult for them not to dream about it.


When Dylan was pushed into the elevator by her all of a sudden, he didn't expect that she would push him so hard. Covering his face which had been bumped into by her, he turned around and saw her standing there still.

Look up, isn't the elevator here?

Why didn't she go downstairs?

So Dylan called her from behind.

All of a sudden, Amanda realized what was going on. She rushed out of the room while biting her lip.

At the same time, people waiting for the elevator seemed to have an epiphany.

"Girl, don't be afraid. Did the man inside bully you?"

"How dare you take liberties with a girl in broad daylight! You are too rampant!"

"pervert Ah... "

At the momen

the dress that Amanda was trying on.

Amanda wrinkled her brows slightly, but Ellie seemed to see something wrong.

"What? Does Miss Tang also fancy this one? I'm going to attend a banquet. I think this dress suits me well. "

Amanda also smiled slightly. She really didn't want to be "destined" to be with this woman.

"Why is Miss Tang alone in the mall? Didn't it just a news? It is said that Miss Tang and Mr. Tang love each other very much. Is that not true? Am I right? "

Ellie gave a bright smile, but there was coldness in her beautiful eyes. She stared at Amanda with a cold gaze, and then got even closer to her. The moment she reached for the dress, she whispered in Becky's ear.

"Maybe Mr. Tang was angry to see you with your first lover? "


Amanda thought for a while and bit her red lips tightly.

"I'm sorry, Miss Tang. I don't like to wear the same dress with others."

Ellie picked up the dress and threw it to the saleswoman.

"How many dresses do you have? Wrap them for me."

The shopping guide recognized Ellie who had knocked off the sunglasses. She was so excited that Ellie gave her credit card to her but she didn't take it. She just looked up at her.

"You want to sign? I'll pay when I use my card. "

It seemed that Ellie had been accustomed to it.

Amanda curled her lips. She didn't want to have a quarrel with Ellie because of a dress

"My wife took a fancy to it first. Why give it to her?"

A low male voice reached their ears. Both Amanda and Ellie were dumbfounded.

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