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   Chapter 155 The Mode Of Pursuing His Wife

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"Master, it's not done yet."

"What do women usually like?"

Ada was stunned by Dylan's sudden question.

"Money? I gave her all my money. Love? If someone else does, I will let her live a hundred or even a thousand times more than them! "

"Well Master, Ada has never been in a relationship before. But when you see the TV shows, both the couple go shopping, watch a movie, and then hand in hand send flowers to the girl. Anyway, a girl pursuer needs an atmosphere. There is only one couple in this atmosphere. Lady Amanda will promise whatever you say. "

Ada didn't say anything a moment ago, but now she seemed to make a big plan as she shared all the tactics she knew to her young master.

However, the more Dylan listened, the more tightly he frowned.

Such a naive method? Did those women really want to go with men willingly?

Ada kept talking on and on. She even pulled out her cell phone to search for various romantic solutions to make the scene, and kindly handed it to Dylan.

Even though Dylan was suspicious of her words and even stared at her for a few more times with disbelief.

After all, she was single who was not sensible enough.

It seemed that Ada had read Dylan's mind, so she explained with a smile.

"Young master, although I am single, but I have dated a few times. To win a woman's heart, the material is the lowest and the most important thing is to provide spiritual energy. Thus, she would think of you even the smallest thing!"

"Are you saying I'm stupid?"

The man didn't hear other words, except this one.

With an embarrassed look on her face, Ada answered, "no, No. I'm telling that young master is rich, so it's natural that the money he gives to lady Amanda is less precious. If you want to show your sincerity, you have to make lady Amanda accept it, don't you? Hahaha... "

Ada broke into a sweat secretly and shut up immediately.

He had better stop talking because he would be arrested as soon as he spoke.

"What? I know she likes spicy food. The rest... Where is she now? "

Dylan suddenly asked.

"Mrs. Tang went to the old house, but she should be not there now."

"Give her a call."


Ada didn't expect her to make the call. Master knew the phone number of Amanda.

"What? Don't you know her number? Or don't you want to call her? "

After receiving the gaze from his young master, Ada shivered.

"I call her now."


back seat with young master!"

With a trace of embarrassment on her face.

Amanda pressed her lips and finally opened the door of the back seat.

They sat there at a short distance. Ada was driving steadily and glanced at them through the rear view mirror from time to time.

The constant stream of traffic had made Amanda look out of the window many times.

She didn't know where they were going?

But since he didn't say it, she wouldn't ask either.

They sat there awkwardly, but not getting along well.

The car continued to move forward. After a long while, the man who had not spoken opened his thin lips.

"Stop the car."


Not only Ada, even Amanda looked at the man in confusion.

"Ada, get off. I'll drive."

"What? Yes. "

In a daze for a short while, Ada reacted quickly and turned her head to look at Amanda.

"My lady, I'll go back first."

After saying goodbye to Amanda, Ada got out of the car.

When Dylan got into the driver's seat, he didn't want to see Amanda sitting in the back seat.

"Sit here."


At this point, Amanda lost her patience. She raised her head to meet his gaze, completely forgetting how embarrassed they were a moment ago.

"What do you mean, Dylan? You asked me to sit at the back seat, but now you change my seat. I won't go. "

"Are you sure?"


Being in no mood to talk with him, she turned her head to look out of the window.

"I'm sorry for what happened yesterday,"

At first, Amanda didn't respond. But when the man spoke again, she was shocked.

"I was too impulsive yesterday. I'm sorry."

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