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   Chapter 151 What A Scheming Woman

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"The man is just in his early fifties, right?" Celia exclaimed as she saw Luke's back disappear.


"Poor man. I hope he will be fine."


"Then Forget about the money! "

This man had spent all his savings on someone else's life. How could she be so shameless to ask about it?

Zed hid the excitement in his heart and grabbed Celia's hands with his two slender hands. Putting on a serious look, he said, "Celia, I always know that you are a kind-hearted person. Thank you for Luke!"

Celia looked at him in embarrassment. "How about If there is nothing else, I will leave now. "

However, zed didn't let her go. He lowered his head and then raised again. He looked very embarrassed. "In fact I... I have something else to do. "

"What is it?"

"Well Here is the thing. The lease of the apartment I rent is going to expire soon, and all my money is borrowed by Luke... "

"Borrow money again?"

Celia asked naturally.

Zed was speechless, "..."

It was so humiliating!

But now he was driven into a corner, and that was why he called her.

His father had kept him abroad for so many years. He should go on a blind date when he was called back suddenly!

'do I need a blind date?

A bunch of women!

And those women on the blind dates were all very fake.

The fake face and the fake breasts were fake. Even the same style of a lady as her was fake too!

He felt sick at the sight of her young master!

Besides, young master is still a playboy. That old man is gonna throw me out of the grave. "!

Celia was so regretful!

She regretted asking.

Now he held her hands tightly with his eyes wide open. Black eyelashes, which were thicker than women's eyelashes, fluttered. He looked at her lovingly, making her unable to say no.

But the man couldn't even afford three thousand. How could she expect to get back the money she lent him?

"Celia, I'm just going to the washroom. Why What? I like it. "

When she was worrying, Amanda's voice came from behind.

Celia could not believe what she had heard

She took her arm out of Zed's and introduced them to each other. Then she pulled Amanda aside and told her what had happened in a low voice.

Amanda turned to look at that man. "Is he a liar?"

"Although he looks like a frivolous man, he doesn't look like a bad guy." Celia said honestly.

Amanda rolled her eyes at her and continued, "will a bad person have the words' bad guy 'written on his forehe

ng his slightly injured legs with his hands, and gulping the fresh air.

"Damn it! Do you go out by these kinds of stuff every day? The smell is so... "

"Hey? Where is he? "

Standing up straight, Zed turned his head and looked around. It was not until then that he found that Celia Ling and Amanda Tang had already got into the elevator as if they had died.


He walked out of the elevator and arrived at Celia's place not far away.

Standing at the door of the community, looking at the row of old buildings, zed blinked and asked, "Why are you living in a shabby house?"

Celia could not believe what she had heard

"Even if you keep silent, no one will consider you a mute," said Amanda.

Zed shrugged and shut up obediently.

As they arrived at the door of Celia's room, she opened the door, followed by Amanda and zed.

Zed looked around curiously and saw the stale ceiling, the floor which was warped, and old furniture. He suddenly sighed, "your life is so tough."

Celia couldn't stand this any more. Her eyes widened. "That's much better than you can't even afford coffee!"

Zed was speechless, "..."

"Wait here. I'll go get the card."

Celia said impatiently and entered her room.

While Becky was searching for something under the tea table. At last, she took out a pen and a piece of paper and began to write something carefully.

Celia took out the bank card and glanced at zed. "Let's go! I am going to draw some money for you. "

Zed didn't reply.

He was attentively staring at the closed door on the left. Then he turned his head and asked in surprise, "do you have an available room?"

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