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   Chapter 150 Borrowing Money From Women

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It brought back Amanda's memory. She didn't know when the wound on her leg was treated. Though her eyes softened for a moment, it disappeared in an instant.

What happened last night was so striking that she would never believe him again.

This marriage was not based on love. He did not love her, and she did not love him either. Although they had been close to each other for a moment, their hearts were not together in the end.

He said he would take her heart, maybe because of his possessiveness.

It took Amanda a long time to come downstairs. She had been thinking about various ways to deal with the man. She didn't expect that when she came downstairs, she found there was only herself in the big living room except a few servants.

Even Ada was not here, let alone Amanda.

For a moment, all the mean words Amanda wanted to say came to naught.

However, she received a call from Celia Ling soon.

An hour later, she arrived at the subway station.

Amanda Tang stood beside Celia Ling and protected her from being squeezed out by others.

Celia Ling saw this. She stretched out her arms and hugged Amanda. "Amanda, why don't we go together?"

Men are so unreliable!

With one hand supporting Amanda and the other holding the wedding ring, she nodded solemnly, "yes! agree! Come on, give me a kiss! "

She was so exaggerated that she was about to kiss him.

Celia could not believe what she had heard

The people around were so sick that they stepped back.

Amanda didn't care about their attitude at all. Instead, she curled her lips, gladly.

After they got off the subway, they went straight to the mobile store in the pedestrian street.

After buying the mobile phone for Celia, they strolled leisurely to the branded street.

"Amanda, I have long forgotten to ask how are you feeling now?"

She felt that Amanda's situation was similar to hers, but it was different.

Celia Ling's question put a smile on Amanda Tang's face, who was always reluctant to show her sadness. "I'm fine. Don't worry. I have Grandpa. He won't do anything to me! But you, if Carlos really dare to abandon you and your mother, then simply, we will never go back, and I will not go back to Tang Clan, we will love each other for a lifetime! "

Raising her hand and putting it around Celia's shoulder, she said with a big smile.

Celia looked at her and felt something wrong with her, but she couldn't tell what was wrong with her.

They chatted while wandering in the clothing shop on both sides of the pedestria

and put on a sullen face, the woman must have a close relationship with him?

But from what Zed just said, it seemed that she didn't know his true identity.

"Well Things are like this. " He sat up seriously and said, "I was rich to pay you back. But as you can see, this is my old friend. His family was in trouble two days ago, so he kept lending money to others. I have given him the credit card just now, haven't I? That's all my savings! "

Luke was rendered speechless

Master Zed, there is no such a thing as confusing right and wrong with a straight face!

He was the one who had all his cards frozen and borrowed money from his father.

He had kept the money in his wife's bank account!

"Well Is what he said true? " Celia turned to look at Bill.

Luke opened his mouth and wanted to deny, but he was trampled on the foot under the seat. It was so painful that his face changed.

Celia was confused. "Sir, what's wrong with you?"

Zed said immediately, "well He has a stomach problem, and it hurts from time to time. According to the doctor, he's probably gastric cancer, "


He not only turned black into white, but also cursed me!

Seeing how Celia Ling looked at Luke, Zed Ling immediately winked at him and bowed to him.

Luke stood up, humming, "young master, I'm going to the hospital now. I won't 'bother' you any more!"

If he didn't leave now, he might suffer more.

Zed waved at his back and said, "bye, Luke! Be strong and brave! "

Luke stumbled and looked back at them with a gloomy face.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. He finally knew why he felt familiar with the girl. It seemed that her appearance looks like Zed!

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