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   Chapter 147 She Only Loves That Man!

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After waking up from her nightmare, Amanda looked down at all the bruises on her body, and her cold eyes became even colder.

Last night, that man had been crazy about her. She had already felt that life was worse than death. In this marriage, she had thought that they would have lived in peace, especially after getting along with each other a few days ago. She had thought that they would not love each other like other couples, but at least it would not be too bad.


Despair engulfed her eyes. Her memories came back to the day when she was taken away by Dylan last night

Following him away, when she saw the bodyguards that appeared one by one along the way, she realized that he had sent so many people.

There were a lot of cars in the street, black and gloomy, which made people feel breathless.

Amanda was shocked and looked out of the window. She had made the right decision. If she chose not to go with him, then Felix would have a hard time to live because of his madness.

She dared not to think about what would happen next.

At least, she could save Felix for the time being.

It was extremely quiet in the car. The man drove the car with an expressionless face and a crazy speed. Although there was no one on the road, his speed was still frightening.

"Slow down, Dylan. My knee was injured."

She couldn't help but ask.


The man kept his mouth shut and stepped on the gas even more crazily.

It was so painful that Amanda was in a sweat. Her wet hair stuck to her forehead.


"So you know what is pain?"

He suddenly sneered and his eyes were terribly cold and ferocious.

The pain was that he looked for her all over the world. He was afraid that she was with Felix when she was in danger.

The pain was that he was so stupid to believe her saying that she would never have any relationship with another man, but he still saw that she was with Felix.

The pain was in front of Felix when she saved him.

The pain was that when he looked at her like a joke, she and Felix were deep in love.

You're not as painful as I am! 'thought Dylan!

When he was about to blow up in the chest, Amanda stabbed him again with the knife, causing him to bleed profusely.


Upon hearing that, Amanda lowered her head and kept silent.

"Woman, you must be a butcher in your previous life."

That's why she cut his heart into pieces and her method was right on his vital part!

"……" Amanda was rendered spee


"What? Do you have any objection? "

"No, I didn't."

She had been afraid that things would turn out like this. It never occurred to her that

Lowering her head, Ada retreated quickly.

"Young master, there's a call for you. It's Miss Su from Su Clan."

When Dylan heard that, a deep frown appeared on his face.

"Give it to me."

"Mr. Tang, I'm Sylvia. How could you do that to Felix? But, you know what happened today, right? They love each other. I hope Mr. Tang can let go of Amanda. It's rude to keep a woman who doesn't love you around. "

Holding the phone in his hand, Dylan's handsome face looked increasingly gloomy under the lamplight.

"Ms. Su, are you going to act on your words regardless of the consequences? Li Clan is going to be destroyed. Do you Su Clan also want to be together with them? "

"What did you say? What have you done to the Li Clan? "

On the other end of the line, Sylvia's voice was trembling.

"Aha You will soon know what I have done. "

"Dylan, what you did will only make her hate you even more!"

"Hate me? I just want everyone to know who he is. How dare he miss my woman! "

"Bang!" the phone was hung up by him heavily.

"Fuck off!"

These words were uttered from his mouth. All the servants in front of him disappeared in an instant.

Dylan forced himself to hold back his anger, no matter it was the investigation or what he had seen today.

He knew that she only had that man in her heart!

He clenched his fists, blue veins standing out on his forehead.

How could she be sad and hate him when Felix was destroyed?

Then... If she hates me, it may be better.

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