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   Chapter 142 She Has Been Scheming For A Long Time

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His voice was very gentle but hot. At that time, they were not together. But love came so quietly.

That night, she lost three times and kissed him three times in a row.

The first time she kissed him by mistake, but the second time, and the third time, unexpectedly, she also...

Many people had teased her and said that she did it on purpose.

After that incident, she had been sidelined by her classmates for a long time.

Everyone thought she lost on purpose in order to kiss Felix.

It was not until she was in a relationship with Felix that he told her in person.

That was a long established plan!

She lost, but it was he who controlled everything.

At that time, she was held in his arms. She was surprised and his eyes were deep and bright, radiating innumerable unusual colors.

He said that not all love can start from love.

But later they...

Maybe they had been teased by the God at the very beginning.

Their love started from the game, but had to end in this way.

Thinking of this, tears suddenly welled up in Amanda's eyes. She raised her head and forced herself not to cry.

"Are you sure, Amanda? You said you would marry me and love me forever. We would have two more cute kids... "

"Stop, stop it..."

Before Felix could finish his words, he was interrupted by Amanda.

She sniffed. "Let bygones be bygones."

No matter how beautiful the memory was, it was gone like withered flowers. It was meaningless to mention it again?

"Amanda, you are so heartless!"

"So, forget about me, a cruel woman!"

Amanda said with red rims in her eyes. She exerted more strength to move more firmly.

There was a touch of sadness appearing on Felix's lips. He looked down at her and didn't say anything more.

Finally, they came down the stairs. She took a deep breath.

"Amanda, have a good rest!"


She put down his hand on her shoulder. She wanted to lean him on a tree trunk and then find someone for help.

To her surprise, when she put down her hand, Felix couldn't stand firm and was about to fall down again.

She reached out her hand subconsciously. But at the moment she reached out to hold him, he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

Before Amanda could react, they both fell to the ground.

She was held in his arms. Her heart beat faster and faster.


nymore. Leave him!"

"What are you doing, Felix? Let go of me. I don't want my husband to misunderstand us. "

Amanda was getting anxious. She wanted to get rid of him, but she was too weak to do that even though she slapped him with her other hand rudely.

The man on the other end of the line frowned deeper and deeper. His eyes were also bloody. Amanda made up her mind and snapped at Felix.

"What are you doing, Felix? Let go of me now. We had broken up three years ago. Is it meaningful for you to do that? The reason why I came here to see you is that Sylvia called me to beg me. But it doesn't mean anything! "

She thought he would get angry and let her go.

In this way, Felix didn't want to annoy Dylan. After all, just as it said before, Dylan was not an ordinary man.

If he did, you have no idea what he would do!

But even so, Felix still didn't give up.

"Amanda, did you say that because you were afraid that he would hurt me? Huh Don't worry. I am not afraid. As long as I can be with you, I will not care about anything. Amanda, I love you. I have promised that I will be good to you all my life. Amanda, come with me, okay? "

He was begging her all the time.

Seeing him like this, Amanda's lips moved. She wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the man's sneer, which made her ears tingle.

"Gee, how touching! Do you know how happy she is when we are together and how sweet her voice is when she is on my bed? "

He hated the expression on the man's face. How could he pretend to be the victor in front of him!

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