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   Chapter 140 Heart Broken

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When Carlos turned around, holding the steaming food plate, he saw the little woman looking at him in a daze with her chin on her hand, her head tilted to one side.

The corner of her mouth curved, and the words were full of imperceptible bitterness.

Celia's face turned red as she caught a glimpse of Carlos' scratch. She then looked away.

Carlos didn't have dinner either. After filling the plates with food for himself and Celia, he sat down at the table.

"Eat more vegetables. Don't just eat meat."

He looked at Celia, who was apparently eating meat, and put some pickled cabbage into her small bowl.

Celia Ling frowned in disgust. She had never been fond of vegetables.

"Eat it."

Looking at Celia's frown, Carlos also frowned and said in a deep voice.

Celia curled her lips and unwillingly put the dish into her mouth.

After having dinner quietly, Carlos took a tissue and pulled her soft arms to get close to him. He helped her wipe her oily mouth.

They were so close to each other that Celia could clearly see his deep and cold eyes as usual.

She could see his dark eyes now.

His eyes were full of tenderness and affection. If anyone taught her not to look at him carefully, she would get stuck in it.

"Sven will be discharged from the hospital several days later. You can live with your aunt, okay?"

While wiping her mouth, he suddenly spoke.

Celia stunned.

He finally opened his mouth.

After all, she had been abandoned.

She knew he had no other choice and she understood his choice, but she couldn't help but feel sad.

Celia knew that her aunt love her. But if that was the case, what would she do?

Was she really Carlos' mistress?

Most importantly, as long as Sven was still alive, she might not be able to be his wife legally.

That was not what she wanted.

"Speaking of this, I suddenly remember that just now I was going to tell you that Amanda wanted to rent a house together outside, so I wanted..."

Before she finished her words, Carlos frowned and interrupted her.

"Why do you need to find a place to stay when you already have a place to live? Besides, since you are pregnant, it will be more convenient for someone to take care of you. If she really doesn't want to stay at Tang Clan, then let her live with you. If she doesn't want to go to your aunt's home

r heart breaking.

She covered her chest, stooped and leaned on the table, silently shedding tears.

On second thought, she suddenly realized that she knew nothing about Carlos.

She knew nothing about his past, his background, and even his son.

Was her love too easy?

You don't deserve to end up like this, you just hand over your heart to others so easily.

Would she be safe and sound if the door was closed?

If you care about someone, you will lose your mind.

If he didn't care, then everything would be fine.

The man had already gone. Celia stood up, put away the dishes and the dining table. Then she went upstairs to the room and started to clean up.

She didn't want to waste any more time. The sooner she wanted to get out of here, the better!

In fact, she lied to Carlos that Amanda didn't tell her about the rent, it was just an excuse she thought of temporarily.

But when she was packing up, she found that she had left no trace here at all.

Carlos had already prepared some clothes and daily necessities. She just brought some IDs and clothes.

That's good. It's easier for me and for me to walk easily. '.

She was so relaxed that she lost her heart.

After tidying up her clothes, Celia walked out of her room and entered the master bedroom.

After she married Carlos, he put her marriage license away. She seldom used it, so she didn't think about taking it back.

Now that she wanted to leave, she had to.

However, she couldn't find it anywhere, including the drawer and the desk in the master bedroom.

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