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   Chapter 139 Engraved His Figure Into Her Soul

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Updated: 2020-03-09 00:12

Celia Ling was sitting on the sofa in the living room with her legs crossed. Although she seemed to be reading a stack of documents carefully, her eyebrows were still furrowed.

When she heard the footsteps, she looked up absentmindedly. Then, Grace walked in.


Celia greeted with a smile.

But Grace's face was gloomy, totally different from what she used to be.

Celia's heart trembled. She seemed to have remembered something and asked anxiously, "Grace, Sven... Is he okay? "

Grace didn't want to get involved in her master's family affairs, nor did she want to hurt Celia. However, after she saw what the boy had done today, she paused for a long time. Finally, she couldn't help gossiping.

"Sven was in the hospital today... He almost kill himself. "

Celia's heart missed a beat.

"Yes. He wants to commit suicide... "


Was Sven trying to commit suicide?!

How could such a little child do such a terrible thing!

How desperate was he?

Celia was too shocked to say a word.

Was it because of her?

"Sven has suffered from such kind of disease since he was a child. He has already lost the happiness of his life before he could be sensible enough."

"When other children were playing together, he could only look at them by leaning on the window. Sometimes he couldn't help but run out, but he was injured in a fight with other children, and blood kept flowing. From then on, no children would like to play with him. "

"Because of this disease, Sven couldn't even go to school, so Mr. Gu had to hire a tutor. What's more, his life seems to be quiet! He was as quiet as a girl! But as you can see, Sven is also keen on football, like other boys, and climbed up and down. To be honest, he is really pathetic. The pain is pressing on his young heart. Even if he could endure it today, maybe tomorrow he would still break down! "

Grace said in a sad voice.

Every word Celia uttered hit Celia's heart. The guilt she tried hard to suppress in her heart rose rapidly.

It came to the last sentence of Grace.

"My ladyship, I am just a servant. I know it's improper for me to intervene in such matters! Howeve

up and eat something. Even if you don't want to eat, the baby needs to eat too. "

He lifted her up and walked out.

Celia's body stiffened a little. At the next moment, she put her arms around hardy tightly and buried her head into his arms. She smelled the peppermint scent on his body and felt heartbroken for no reason.

This might be the last hug between Carlos and her!

Just hold him longer, remember the warmth of his arms, and remember the moment.

Carlos could feel Celia's action. He looked at her tenderly. However, Celia's black hair cascaded to her body, making her unable to see the expression on her face.

They hugged each other so intimately, but the sadness and loneliness were nowhere to be found.

Neither of them said anything. He just held her in his arms all the way.

Grace had always reserved food for a long time, so the food was always heated up. But Carlos insisted on heated up the food.

Sitting on the chair, Celia swept her gaze through the kitchen door and landed her eyes on the busy man in the kitchen.

The man wore an apron, and his sleeve was casually rolled to his elbow, revealing his strong and thin arm, and stirring the pancake turner in his hand.

Such an ordinary act was made by him, so he looked elegant and noble, as if it was carefully made.

Celia put one of her hands on the dining table. She was absorbed in the scene as if she wanted to engrave his figure in her soul.

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