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   Chapter 137 A Good Actor

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She frowned and wanted to say more bad things about Amanda, but the man interrupted her.

"From now on, no one in the Su consortium is allowed to enter the company again. Send our guest out!"

Then he slammed the door behind him.

"Miss Su, our CEO said that you... Please. "

Sylvia didn't expect that.

Their company had prepared the case for a long time and it was easy to get some clues. But now

How could she explain to her father when she came back?

She pursed her lips and left reluctantly.

She didn't believe that the man in front of her was a person who mixed public with private interests. She believed that as long as he saw this plan, he would definitely change his mind.

"My lady, please get in the car!"

Ada followed Amanda all the way out of the Tang consortium building, followed by a car.

"Ada, don't follow me anymore. I don't want to go back to that man's place anymore. I want to go back to Tang Clan!"

It's ironic that there is no such a place as Jin City for me, a little girl. '.

"Okay, let's go back to the Tang Clan. Ada will help you."

"Ada, don't lie to me. Once I get in the car, I can't do anything about it, right?"

Ada was very embarrassed.

He had no choice but to obey his young master's order.

Since she had been seen through, Ada decided to come straight to the point.

"My lady, if you don't want to get in the car, I have no choice but..."

"What? Does the man still want to kidnap me? " Amanda paused and stared at her.


She was right.

Seeing Ada acquiesce in her words, Amanda was more furious.

"That jerk! He's dubious with other women. Does he still have any reason?"

"My lady, you must have misunderstood Mr. Tang. He treats you in a totally different way from others!"

Ada persuaded her, hoping that Amanda could get on the car as soon as possible.

"Different? Yes, he is different. Mr. Tang is good at acting. Even though he can't be the CEO, I don't think he will starve to death. With a cold face, he can not only cheat people into d

l the figure at the staircase disappeared that Ada made a phone call to report everything that had happened here to Dylan.

Hearing the news on the other end of the phone, Dylan's eyes twinkled with hope.

"Check the necklace on Ellie's neck and see if it's the one I took,"

His necklace was lost. He had thought that it was caused by the river when he tried to save that woman Things were not that simple!

Humph! Ellie!

Did she want to leave the entertainment industry?

How dare she challenge him openly!

"Yes, Mr. Tang. I'll look into it now."

Amanda knew it was not easy to get out of here, but she didn't want to be locked up.

She refused several times when the servants knocked on her door and brought her food.

She sat on the bed and looked out at the beautiful scenery. She had an urge to cry.

She kicked the closet hard, gritting her teeth in pain. She took a deep breath and wondered what was wrong with her?

It's just a necklace. Is it that serious?

Moreover, she and that man were just a nominal couple.

She couldn't care too much about his occasional tenderness.

She scratched her head and was about to open the door to go out when her cell phone rang.

She walked over and picked up the box.

When she saw the name on the screen, she hesitated for a moment and answered the phone, her voice trembling slightly.

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