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   Chapter 136 I'm Not A Good Man As Well

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At this time, Amanda was standing there with no expression on her face. Seeing the appearance of Dylan, Sylvia was a little embarrassed.

Obviously, she didn't expect that this man would appear at this time.

"You are here? Didn't you come back to Tang Clan? "

When he saw Amanda, he went straight to her and wasn't as tired as before.

Before he could reach her and hold her hand.

Suddenly, Amanda turned around and walked away. She completely ignored him.

He frowned and looked around. At last, his eyes fell on Sylvia.

Her phone was still in her hand.

He took the phone from her hand and his photo appeared on the big screen.

But when he saw Ellie appear in the page he was reading with him, especially the necklace "TureLove" on her neck was circled by a red pen.

His handsome face darkened as his sharp eyes reflected coldness.

"You, stop!"

He said to Amanda who was just wanted to leave here.

However, Amanda just ignored his words and continued to move on.

Seeing this, Dylan became so anxious that he strode forward and grabbed her with a few strides.

"Let me explain, woman."

"Explain what? Why should you explain it? I mean you are good at acting, Mr. Tang? Or excellent at acting? You even risked your life to irritate me! Mr. Tang, Mr. Tang, you don't have to behave like this. Let go of your hand. Otherwise, I will feel more disgusted! "

"I can't believe it! You would rather believe the nonsense in entertainment news than me!"

Dylan lowered his voice a little bit. Obviously he was impatient, but he still tried his best to control himself in front of her.

He didn't like this feeling. He saw her apparently alienated expression and didn't like her cold words.

"You are fucking making the headlines of a movie star. You are making a fucking promise to me!"


All the people present were shocked by the sudden roar.

The employees, who had been pretending to be doing things, stoppe

"Mr. Tang, you haven't even read the plan book. How can you say you are not interested?"

Frowning, Sylvia wondered, 'this man...

Even an idiot could see that he was using his position to take revenge!

For Amanda? How could it be possible?

"Mr. Tang, I thought you didn't like your wife?"

"You know a lot, Miss Su? But how do you know that I don't like my wife? "

Said Dylan with a smile.

"If you do, why did you leave your newly married wife behind and go abroad? If you do, why did you flirt with other women in public and even give her a necklace to show your love? And you even made the headlines, making your wife a joke? "

No matter how hard they tried to act just now, Sylvia was confident that Dylan didn't like Amanda.

Hearing her words, the man still smiled, but the coldness in his eyes grew thicker and thicker.

"It seems that Miss Su is not worried about your own company at all. You even have a gossip here."

"It's not gossip. It's out of kindness!"

Sylvia lifted the corner of his lips and looked at the man in front of her with a faint smile.

"I just want to remind you that Amanda is a bad woman who likes to dally with other people's feelings. She is not a good woman!"

"Really? Huh... What a coincidence! "


"I'm not a good man."

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