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   Chapter 133 Want To Win Her Heart

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After they entered the restaurant, there was an uncontrollable ecstasy on Amanda's small face.

The view clearly came into view through the large glass windows around, just like crystal.

On the European table, there was a bunch of blue enchantress flowers. The light fragrance came to his nose, refreshing him.

A candlestick was also placed on the closet. In the crystal light, a beam of light was sprinkled, as if it was in a dream.

The moment she lowered her head, she heard the glass close to her.

She dared not step on her feet for fear of disturbing the happy fishes swimming in the spring.

Seaweed and cobblestones were extremely beautiful and romantic.

And this was just a restaurant.

"Do you like here?"

In front of the white dining table, Dylan pressed the girl, who was about to fall into a trance, onto her seat.

She looked around and then at the beautiful scenery outside the window.

"Dylan, where are we? It's so beautiful."

How could she like him so much?

"There is no name to this castle now. How about you give it a name?"

He sat down beside her and looked at her with his lips curved. Seeing the joy on her face, he felt satisfied.

Amanda turned around in surprise. What did he just say? castle?

"Don't look at me like that, Amanda. I'm the young master of the Tang Clan, after all. Is it so luxurious to build a castle for me?"

Amanda really wanted to say that it was so extravagant!

"Woman, what flowers do you like?"

"What? What? "

This man changed the topic so fast.

"By the way, how do you know I like it?"

Looking at the beautiful flowers on the table, Amanda couldn't help chuckling.

"Well, you did a good job. You are worthy of praise."

Without answering Amanda, Dylan looked at the middle-aged man standing not far away.

"Mr. Tang, I'll ask them to plant all the open space in front of the castle."

The Butler answered respectfully.

Amanda was taken aback. After a long while, she cleared her throat and said.

"hmmmm... Um, you, you don't have to do this, do you? I... I just said it casually. "

This man, was so serious?

"Well, that's it. If you want to switch one day, just tell Ada."

"Yes, my lady. I'm the Butler here. You can call me Ada, just like the young master.

the first time.

"Silly girl, close your eyes."

The man spoke in a sexy and hoarse voice, and Amanda almost unconsciously cooperated with him.

The temperature on her lips was getting hotter and hotter, and the string that had been tense in her mind was broken.

Her nose was filled with his smell, which was somewhat familiar and somewhat strange. Gradually, she was somewhat blurred.

The scene in front of Dylan was the same as before. She was young but enchanting, and her beauty was only blooming for him.

However, just as his hand boldly reached out to her.


The woman opened her eyes and became sober.

Dylan also opened his eyes. They looked into each other's eyes.

Her face was throbbing with blood, but her eyes were very cold.

"Is this your purpose? It's really a painstaking effort to get my body! "

Suddenly, it dawned on Amanda that she was nothing to this man.

Except for these things, there was no other place, occasion or place in his mind.

What Amanda said startled and then Dylan smiled. But it was a devilish smile.

"Damn you! I have told you before. Why don't you understand?"

All the woman in Jin City who didn't like Dylan?

But the only one in front of him!

What did she say? To have her body?

After all, he was a fucking whore. He did all the thing to let this woman sleep with him!


There is a saying that. If you want to win a woman's heart, you must get her body first.


When did he begin to want to win her heart?

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