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   Chapter 131 Achilles' heel

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Both Boris and Grace gave a gasp of surprise.

They didn't expect that this little Sven would say such vicious words.

Sven also knew that it was wrong.

But only in this way could he ensure that nobody would fight with him for daddy.

So he chose to ignore Grace's shock and sadness, and tried his best to face Carlos's cold eyes. He held the knife in his hand, waiting for Carlos's response.

Time and space were silent at this moment.

Everyone was waiting for Carlos's response.

When Boris and others thought that Carlos would continue to deal with Sven, they saw that Carlos slightly lifted his thin lips and said coldly, "who taught you to say such vicious words?"

Everyone was shocked.

Carlos stared at Sven with his cold eyes and walked forward slowly. When he saw what was happening, Boris and others were startled.

'is he still so stubborn at this time?'?

'if Sven couldn't get over it, then...'

But how did Sven become like this?

Sven was also startled by Carlos's refusal. He was afraid to see Carlos approaching, but he gripped the knife handle more tightly.

"Sven, I admit that I haven't fulfilled my duty as a father these years. But I believe that Grandpa, grandma and teachers will teach you the most basic moral. If you're five years old and you want to hurt others, then I'd rather take the responsibility of my whole life instead of making a cold-blooded killer appear in the future! "

Carlos said in a cold, emotionless tone, and his words were as cold as ice.

What he meant was

If Sven really intended to hurt others, he would rather let him commit suicide now?

This was simply too ruthless and overbearing!

Hearing this, Sven's face also turned pale.

Daddy actually...

Shock, pain, despair and many emotions poured into his heart instantly and made him unable to bear it.

Her hand holding the fruit knife was trembling as it approached her soft skin, about to pierce.

"Sven! Don't be silly! "

A cry of despair came from the outside of the ward. It was the nurse who pushed Ashley on wheelchair here.

His words made Grace heart ache. She

rs left. In these two years, you can't see Celia again, and you can't let Sven get any stimulation or harm because of the matter between you and that woman! After you finished this two years, I will leave you with Sven and we will never see each other again! "

Carlos slightly leaned back, distanced himself from Ashley, and stared coldly at her face. An almost invisible cold smile spilled over his lips, and then came to her ear. He said word by word, "Ashley Mu, do you think you are qualified to talk about a seven-year appointment with me after you have done so much?"

Ashley spat every word in her ear coldly, sending a chill through her body.

Her eyes were empty, but panic was obvious.

What did he mean?

'maybe He knew everything she had done?

"What are you whispering about? The child is still bleeding. How can you leave him alone? "

The doctor stood at the door, looking at Carlos and Ashley, who had been whispering, and then at Sven, who was looking paler and paler in the bed. He could not bear and say something.

Carlos's eyebrows deeply furrowed. He clasped Ashley's slender arm and said coldly in her ear, "I can keep Sven at my side and take good care of him in the next two years. But on one condition... "

Although Ashley's sensed danger, she couldn't help asking, "what Conditions? "

Carlos kept his poker face and said coldly, "from now on, never show up in front of me!"

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