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   Chapter 126 Only One Woman

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Boris didn't expect that Ashley would ask him such a question.

He couldn't answer this kind of question in any way.

If he answered no, he would be provoked and hurt again;

If he answered yes, he would temporarily comfort her, but if not afterwards, it would only make her more injured.

What's more

He could deeply feel that the boss would never give up Celia for Sven.

How could Carlos give up his love!

The silence of Boris also silenced Ashley.

She stared blankly ahead, looking rather desperate.

Boris couldn't help but want to comfort her, but he was stopped by Ashley, "you don't have to say anything, I understand."

Boris closed his mouth, and sighed silently.

The war between the man and the woman was no worse than that between the business!

After a while, Grace came back.

Boris also left in a hurry with a random excuse.

It seemed that none of them should be blamed for the battle between a man and a woman, but it turned out to be such a painful result.

As an outsider, he'd better get out of it as soon as possible!

Celia took a taxi to the manor alone.

She was so upset.

The things that had happened in recent days made her unable to fight. Her heart was in a mess, and she was in urgent need of someone to help her clear her messy thoughts.

Since her new phone was taken away by Sven, she had no choice but to call Amanda with the landline phone of her room.


Amanda asked in confusion when she heard a familiar voice from the other end of the line.

"I lost my phone again..."

"All right. We can buy a new one. What do you think?"

Celia could not believe what she had heard

"What's wrong? You sound worried. "

Celia sighed. She kept silent for a long time before she briefly explained to Amanda what had happened to her these days.

"What? That woman had a car accident? "

When it came to the Ashley's accident, Amanda, who had been listening quietly, suddenly raised her voice and asked in reply.


"So what happened later? Dead? "

Celia could not believe what she had heard

"If you don't talk, she was not dead. It's easy to get i

r women. I, I don't..."

No, I don't.

He refused! He refused!

The woman was pissing him off!

"Do you want to dump me after you sleep with me? No one would be satisfied when stay with me! "

Her words made Dylan unhappy.

"Then what do you want? lascivious? It was not difficult to fight with the red flag at home, but to be able to fight against the colorful flags outside? Unlike you, I don't treat marriage as a trifle, even though our marriage was only a necessity. Since you still don't let me go after I have said so many times, then we'd better take good care of ourselves. When you change your mind, we can... "

"No way!"

Before she finished her words, she was interrupted by Dylan's loud voice. He held her shoulders tightly and looked at her with burning eyes.

"When did I say that I took their marriage seriously? Amanda, listen! I can say that since I have you, I have never cheated on you, both mentally and physically! "

His words made Amanda freeze. She raised her head and looked at him.

Although she was a little hesitant and didn't want to believe this man's nonsense, she

Somehow, she felt a little better.

Amanda licked her lips, "you didn't touch any other woman?"


"Three years? Are you Are you kidding me? "

There were countless women trying to seduce him. Would he turn a blind eye to it?

"During the past three years, there was only one woman in my bed!"

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