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   Chapter 125 Forgive Me, I Really Can't Quit

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Seeing what Ashley was doing, Boris hurriedly walked up to her. "Miss mu, what are you taking? Let me help you. "

Hearing this, Ashley looked up, but her eyes were empty.

She smiled gently and said, "I want to take out my phone and call Sven."

Hearing that, Boris and Celia could not help but tighten their hearts.

Celia turned to look at Boris. It was obvious that he hadn't told her about Sven's wound too.

Well, how could he tell Ashley that thing when she was still under treatment?

"What's wrong? Why don't you say something? Is there something wrong with Sven? "

The moment of silence aroused Ashley's suspicion. Seized Boris's arm and asked with an agitated voice.

"Miss mu, please don't say that Sven... "

Boris glanced at Celia and thought that he couldn't conceal the truth from her for a long time. However, he was afraid that it would irritate Ashley and he tried to make things less complicated.

"I want to see Sven! I want to see him!"

Ashley said and fumbled to get out of the bed. Seeing this, Boris hurried to hold her and persuaded her.

"Miss mu, you need a good rest now. Master is taking care of Sven. Everything will be fine."

"No, I have to go and see Sven."

"Miss mu..."

"Do you know I have only Sven... "

Hearing that, Ashley stopped getting off the bed, sat still on the bedside and suddenly burst into tears with sobs.

Celia Ling stood quietly watching the fight. She felt like her heart was pressed by a huge stone and she was suffocated by the pain.

If it weren't for her, the mother and the son wouldn't have ended up like this.


She really didn't want to give up.

"Miss Ling..."

Seeing that Celia stood there without any response, Boris couldn't help but ask.

Hearing this, Ashley Mu stopped crying in astonishment. She stared at Boris with vacant eyes and asked, "Boris, Celia Ling Is he here too? "


Ashley was in a daze with a frown. Then she suddenly fell down from the bed and knelt on the floor!

"Miss mu, what are you doing?"

Standing in front of her, Boris was shocked by her action.

At the same time, Ashley Mu reached out her hand and hastily pushed Hugh away, not knowing where to look. Her clear and clear eyes were full of tears as she sobbed, "Celia Ling, I know I shouldn't have been qualified to say that. But I'm not doing this for myself. Sven was so ill from an early age that he never enjoyed a wonderful childhood. He even didn't enjoy a complete family an

octor about the situation, the doctor frowned as he was told that the patient was agitated just now. He said, "as I've said, the patient's brain is damaged. In addition, there is blood stasis in her brain, so she can't be stimulated. Otherwise, it may cause intracranial hemorrhage. At that time, it is not easy to take medicine to make the extravasated blood absorb!"

Hearing this, Boris had to lower his head and accept in silence.

It was he who lacked some time to consider and he almost did something wrong again.

'if boss knew I made such a decision without her permission, I would be fired.'?

The doctor finally prescribed some medicine to relax Ashley's mood, and repeatedly told the patient not to stimulate her, and then left.

Since Grace was not at here, Boris had to stay.

After all, Boris was afraid that Ashley would be emotional or even go to see Sven when she learned that something bad had happened to Sven.


After taking the medicine, she looked much better now and called his name softly.

"Miss mu, I am here."

"How is Sven now?"

"He hasn't woken up yet. The doctor said that the general situation was not that serious, but they need to further watch the condition of the knee joints. "

He didn't tell her more details.

Amputation was definitely an exciting thing for her.

There was a moment of silence.

She could guess what had happened, even if Boris hadn't told her.

But even if Sven had to do the amputation, that man wouldn't come back to me, 'she thought?

"Is Carlos taking care of Sven now?"


"Tell me the truth. Do you think Will Carlos give up that woman for Sven? "

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