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   Chapter 124 He Lost

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Sven's dark eyes were a little unfocused at the moment, but he still tried to look at Carlos' face, as if he wanted to see his expression and hear his answer.

Carlos swallowed hard and slightly closed his thin lips. He said calmly, "Sven, don't think about these things now."

Hearing what he said, Sven tightened his grip on Carlos' hand. His mouth slightly opened in shock. He wanted to say something, but he was too emotional to utter a word.

In the distance, the siren of the ambulance was coming near.

The ambulance stopped and the medical staff came down in a hurry. The first doctor looked at Sven and asked, "is he a patient of hemophilia?"

Carlos nodded solemnly. Under the guidance of the paramedics, he lifted Sven into the ambulance.

The medical staff started the emergency treatment, blooding and blood transfusion.

Carlos sat there naked, looking at the towel carpet left on the ambulance.

The light colored towel carpet was almost dyed red.

Sven tightly grasped him with his small hands. He stared at him with his black eyes wide open. A grave expression was deeply reflected in his eyes, which even Carlos could not bear.

"Kid, relax."

His stressful emotions and body were not going to stop the bleeding. Moreover, he was holding Carlos' hand tightly. There were wounds between his fingers as well. The doctor persuaded him in a soft voice, hoping that he could relax and deal with the wounds in his hand.

Sven acted as if he hadn't heard it. He grabbed Carlos' arm with his small hand, and blood continued to seep from his fingertips, leaving shallow tooth marks on his arm.

"Sven, relax."

Carlos placed his another big palm on his little hand and gently rubbed it.

Sven just looked at him with a serious look.

"What's wrong with him?"

The doctor frowned and looked at Carlos worriedly.

Carlos pressed his lips tightly together. Looking at the stubborn look on Sven's face, he believed that if he didn't agree, this child would really have the heart to force him to death!

"Sven, I promise you."

He lost to the child.

As expected, after hearing what he said, Sven loosened his hand but hadn't completely released her.

Carlos stared at him, understanding his intention, and said in a low voice, "Sven, I promise you. If anything happens to you, I will take good care of your mother."

After he heard Carlos

Celia. Her voice was full of tiredness. "Celia, I'll ask Boris to drive you home later. You should go back and have a good rest. Don't think too much."

Celia curled her fingers. She had meant to stay. But on second thought, if Sven woke up later and saw her, it might be very bad for his recovery?

Lowering her eyelids, she replied in a low voice.

Seeing that Celia lowered her head slightly and looked gloomy, Carlos stood up. His tall body cast a shadow over her. He opened his arms and held her petite body into his arms.

He gently touched her back with his big hand and comforted, "don't have too much burden. It's not your fault."

She also held him in her arms, resting her head on his shoulder, speechless.

I don't kill him, but he is killed for some reason by me.

Perhaps it was because of her current situation.

If something really happened to Sven, could she still stay with Carlos at ease?

Boris and Celia were going to go straight to the first floor, but the elevator stopped on the eighth floor after Boris received a phone call.

Celia was confused. Why was she here?

"Someone wants to see you inside."

Boris didn't say anything and walked out of the elevator directly. Although Celia was confused, she followed him out.

Outside a VIP ward on the 8th floor, Celia had some clues.

The door of the ward was pushed open. In the spacious VIP ward, a delicate woman was leaning against the bed, seeming to feel something on the bedside table with her hands.

Celia's heart couldn't help but tighten seeing that.

Was she really blind?

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