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   Chapter 119 Discarded By The World

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At the same time, in the west station.

"Boris, you are finally here!"

Amid the crowd, a thin man squeezed to the side of Boris who just arrived.

"Where is he?"

The thin man stood on his tiptoes, passed through the crowd and pointed to the distance, "that's in that row."

Since there were too many people, Boris could not find a target at once. With a solemn expression, he whispered a few words to the thin man next to him.

Seeing this, the thin man's eyes brightened. "Yes, you're so smart!"

"Go ahead!"


The man answered, and then walked towards the waiting room.

Boris slowly walked up to their goal, watching the thin man buy a box of bowl noodles from the shop. After he made the noodles, the man walked towards their goal.

The thin man looked around as if he was looking for a seat.

When he got to a certain place, Boris saw that his expression changed slightly. He stumbled and the instant noodle in his hand was all over the body of their goal on the chair whose face was pale and nervous.

The petite man didn't use too hot water, but the warmth made their goal jump.

"Ah! I'm sorry! " The thin man repeatedly apologized. "Go to the bathroom and flush it with cold water!"

The nervous man cast a burning glance at Jared before he went to the ladies' room with his luggage.

The thin man followed him. Their goal turned around doubtfully, "what are you doing?"

The thin man said apologetically, "you take a cold shower first. If you are still burned, I'll send you to the hospital, won't I?"

Their goal furrowed his eyebrows and hesitated. Considering the scald on his leg, he wasted no time and went to the bathroom.

The petite man followed him. He tilted his head and gave an OK sign to Boris who was standing not far away.

Boris nodded and walked towards the washroom.

From the corner of his eye, Boris caught a glimpse of the oversize TV screen in the waiting hall. His face suddenly changed when he saw the familiar car on the screen. After carefully checking the plate number, he took out his mobile phone, made a call and ran out of the train station, regardless of anything else.

How did this happen?


He should have sent her to the airport!

Celia was waiting in the shop of the old granny.

An hour had passed, but there was still no sign of Carlos. Was Sven injured?

Two hours passed.

It must be Sven who stopped him?

Sven must

Sven had expected. He clutched the hem of his coat tightly and looked up at his father, "Daddy, are you going to call that bad woman?"

Carlos furrowed his eyebrows and patted Sven's head. Before he opened his mouth, he heard quick footsteps from the corner.

"Boss? Miss mu... "

On seeing Carlos sitting on a bench, Boris, who was rushing from the station, asked anxiously.

When Carlos saw him, his face suddenly darkened. He stood up and scolded in a cold voice, "why did she drive herself to the airport?"

Boris said, full of guilt on his face. "I was driving Miss Mu to the airport when I got a call from the thin man on the way, saying that he found the reporter. That person is at the bus station. I'm afraid that he might run away... "

Carlos furrowed his eyebrows and asked in a less reproachful tone after a short silence, "did he say something?"

"I saw the news as soon as I arrived at the station, so I rushed over, but I don't know if the thin man ask him anything about it."

Carlos glanced at him but said nothing.

Carlos seized the chance to go to the washroom to ask Sven to let go of him.

Standing in a long corner of the hospital, he took out his phone and found an unread message on the phone.

She recognized the phone number Celia had called.

She clicked on it, and there was a simple sentence -- "I'm going back first. You can continue with your work!"!

His mind flashed back to his mind, in which his wife's tender face reminded him of her. Although she must be unhappy at this moment, she still acted so thoughtfully.

His handsome face became warm in the dark.

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