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   Chapter 115 A Lot Of People Like Daddy, You Need To Help Mommy

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Carlos said in his attractive voice when he bent over and stood in front of the microphone.

"Good morning, everyone! The only purpose of holding this press conference today is to officially announce the withdrawal of capital from the Mo consortium on behalf of the Gu consortium. "

He made a brief statement. Everyone in the meeting room was shocked by his words.

Back when nobody was optimistic about the Mo consortium, Carlos suddenly invested and made it back to life.

Now the Mo consortium had recovered and Carlos suddenly announced the withdrawal of capital.

It was undoubtedly a great blow to the Mo consortium. Without any other turning back, it was very likely that it would fall apart from the ashes.

The rest failed to read Carlos's mind.

He withdrew her investment all of a sudden.

'even if I'm rich, it's not a game!'?

The press conference this time didn't reserve time for journalists to ask.

Obviously, Carlos only intended to tell this decision to the media, and let the media be public, but he did not intend to explain the reason.

Just as the mysterious man who had decided to invest in cloud advertising company.

After the press conference, the people who were full of doubts couldn't get the answer from Carlos, so they naturally had to find a way to ask the other main character of the matter the Mo consortium.

There must be something between them, or the Gu consortium would suddenly withdraw the capital without any warning.

It would be great if any media spotted the mystery first.

At that moment, the Mo clan was surrounded by a lot of reporters.

But after several hours of squatting, the door was always closed. It was unknown that she did not dare to face such a cruel reality, or there was no one at home?

In the CEO Office of Gu consortium.

"Boss, we have got news about Ron Mo."

Sitting on the main chair, Carlos slowly looked up at Boris, waiting for him to continue.

"He was sent to the hospital last night. It is said that he was seriously injured."

Carlos raised his eyebrows. His face was extremely cold.

"The doctor said intracranial hemorrhage was caused, but it was sent in time. Then she was sent to the emergency room for craniotomy. The operation was quite successful. But he is still in coma. "

As he spoke, he sneaked a glance at his master. He knew that his master had really exerted all her strength to hit him last night.

Carlos listened calmly as if he was listening to a very common work report.

After a while, he suddenly looked up at Boris and asked, "what about his parents?"

"They is staying i

irs, footsteps came from the corner.

Boris raised his head and saw Ashley walked down the stairs with Sven.

He nodded at her politely. "Miss Mu."

Ashley smiled faintly, not depressed at all. She was still the tender and graceful woman he had seen before.

Although he felt sorry for Ashley, he couldn't force Carlos to love her.

"Miss mu, don't you have any luggage?"

He looked at her and asked.

"I didn't expect to stay so long when I came here. I didn't bring any except necessary ID."

"Well, that's good. It's a piece of cake."

Ashley smiled, seeming sad. "Yes, I've brought nothing with me. I can't take anything with me."

Hearing her words, Boris was speechless.

"It's getting late. We should go now."

He paused for a while and continued.

Ashley squatted down and hugged Sven who didn't say anything since he went downstairs. Then she whispered in his ear in a voice that could only be heard, "Sven, be obedient to your dad here. Don't piss him off. But you should also take good care of daddy for Mommy. Daddy is so excellent that many girls will fall in love with him. "

Then she let go of Sven, stood up and bid farewell to Grace before he patted on his little head to bid farewell to her.

Sven still stood there in a trance, recalling what his mommy had just said.

What did Mommy mean...

While thinking, he looked back to the direction of the second floor.

Celia didn't show up in the house. He didn't know if she was in the room or out.

She dwell in daddy's home. And now mommy was leaving, why didn't Celia come to see her off.

Ashley's words brought back his doubts and dissatisfaction. He frowned and didn't come to himself until Grace reminded him that his mother had left.

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