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   Chapter 114 Daddy, Do You Like Celia

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Sven looked at Carlos in confusion and panic.

Didn't he say that only mommy and daddy could live together?

Why did dad stay with Celia, while not with mom?

On the other side, Carlos looked at them calmly without any expression.

At the sight of the man's face, Ashley regretted what she had done.

She had never seen such a panic and panic from Carlos.

He was always so calm and indifferent. Even when the sky fell, he would probably keep calm.

She wanted to push Sven back to the room, but it was too late.

She was both excited and scared when Sven asked.

Would he find an excuse to escape from it? Or 'admit it?

If he chose to be perfunctory, it meant that he still cared about Sven's feelings, then she had the jetton she could use to hinder him.

At least, it meant that he would not expose his true marriage to the public for the time being. In the eyes of outsiders, she still had something to do with him.

If he chose to admit, although the situation was not as good as the situation in the beginning, as long as he did not have the heart to drive Sven away, even without his own teaching, Sven would try to stop Celia from being together with him.


And the worst result.

In order to be together with Celia, Carlos had made up his mind to return Sven to America. As a result, she had really encountered a desperate situation!

There was a great risk in this game.

However, she could not find any other way out after thinking the whole night. She had to take the risk.

She wanted to make a bet.

She bet on how much Carlos cared about Sven!

She bet on how much Carlos felt sorry for her!

But at this moment, when she looked at Carlos' calm face and calm eyes, she felt that this chess game might really be wrong.

Carlos might really drive Sven and her away together!

For that damn woman!

So She wanted to escape.

Before Carlos could say anything, she pushed Sven and walked back.

Obviously, Sven didn't agree with her.

Was Celia really trying to seduce his father's bad woman?

"Sven, daddy still has something to deal with. Let's not interfere with him."

Although she tried her best to make her voice sound calm and normal, there was still an undisguised panic in her voice.

"No way!"

Sven looked at Carlos stubbornly.


Carlos spoke suddenly. He had been silent for a long time. His expression

e huge title came into view——

The Gu consortium announced that it had withdrawn its investment from the Mo consortium.

She felt that his heart skipped a beat.

"Today, the president of the Gu consortium, Carlos, suddenly held a press conference, and announced that he would withdraw capital from the Mo consortium. Since we signed a contract, the Gu consortium doesn't need to pay the liquidated damages at any time. "

Under the headline was a brief introduction of the news.

Celia stared blankly, speechless with mixed feelings.

She had no feelings for Ron at all.


In that case, the Mo consortium would fall apart?

What about aunt and Uncle Mo?

The mere thought that her mother committed suicide because of the company's matter worried Celia deeply.

But up to now, she could no longer let Carlos go easy on the Mo consortium.

After all, he did all of this for her, right?

She dragged the mouse to continue to browse, only to find that there was another video below.

It was the video in which Carlos held the press conference.

She clicked it open, and the camera was pointing at the man on the stage.

He was in a white shirt and black suit pants. He looked tall and straight when he was in the suit.

His perfect face looked cool and indifferent. His deep and black eyes looked under the stage coldly.

Even if he didn't take any actions, his voice was so powerful that everyone was deeply shocked.

The hall was full of people, but it was very quiet. It seemed that the man on the stage didn't give a hint, and no one dared to say anything.

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