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   Chapter 112 Why Do You Treat Me So Well

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Carlos' words frightened Celia. She almost fell down from the bed.

She raised her eyes and looked at the man whose upper body was already naked, with her eyes wide open.

What... What the hell was he doing?

Looking at the expression on her face, Carlos glared at her. "Let me see if there are any other injuries."

That was when she realized She was still very shy.

"No, it's not necessary. I didn't get hurt before..."

It's very strange, okay?

Carlos' face soured at her words. "Do you want me to help you or you undress yourself?"

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

This man was a rogue and he could still be so righteous!

But she knew he would help her if she didn't do so.

She had no choice but to start to take off her dress slowly.

But how could the man be so impatient when he saw her turtle speed? He just jumped up and yanked her skirt off.

Celia shuddered all of a sudden

She didn't know what to do. Her little face seemed to bleed under the bright light.

Fortunately, the man was quite simple today, only staring at the black and blue marks on her legs.

These were the traces she left when she resisted Ron.

The lively atmosphere finally cooled down.

Celia stared at the man in front of her. The gloomy expression on his face was because he was angry, but he was more worried about her?

After a long pause, she whispered, "actually ...nothing... "

The man suddenly raised his head and stared at her with a frown. He said angrily, "it's not a big deal? Isn't it enough? "

She felt wronged by him. She said that only to make him feel better. And he was so mean to her! Humph!

Carlos' phone suddenly rang. He didn't answer it immediately, but said to her, "go and take a shower."

She nodded.

She put on a light makeup and went into the bathroom, and then she locked the door from the inside with great care.

Carlos heard the door click.

He curled up his lips, took out his phone and looked at the message. His face suddenly turned cold.

Carlos answered the phone, sitting on the bed with his legs crossed.

"Boss, we have talked with the TV station about this. But..."

d the traces on her body.

His eyes grew darker. He got out of bed and walked to her. His tall figure enveloped her figure.

He touched her wet hair. "Why don't you dry your hair?"

She blushed and lowered her head to look at her toes. "I'm waiting for you to blow on my face."

Carlos raised his eyebrows and smiled in surprise. He took her hand and went to the bathroom to dry her hair.

The warm wind blew her black hair. Looking at the man standing behind her with a serious expression from the mirror, she didn't think too much and asked.

"Why don't you ask me? Did I..."


He was looking at her in the mirror, with a hair dryer in his hand while gently brushing her hair. He looked as usual. "If it was serious, you wouldn't have been so calm."

She bit her lip and murmured. "Okay."

She was a little disappointed, thinking that he didn't care about her.

Without thinking, he added.

Besides, as long as you and our baby are fine, I won't care about anything else. "

These words were not obscure at all. Celia's body suddenly stunned. She slowly turned around and faced him, with her eyes wide open.

What he meant was

Even if she was really raped by Ron... He, would still want her?

She gazed at him. She seemed to get a positive answer from his eyes.

The heart lake rippled violently. She put her little hand on his waist and asked in a choked voice, "Carlos, why are you so good to me?"

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